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What is Krafties?

Krafties is an amazing new, completely FREE, MMORPG adventure game in Second Life. Players craft elemental souls which are then bonded to adorable and mysterious creatures encountered throughout the world. Empower and level up different creatures to dominate the world of Krafties! Craft and battle your way to power and glory!

  • Train your creatures to battle alongside friends and clans. Battles can go up to 10 vs 10!
  • Adventure in the wild to catch new and rare species of creatures!
  • Watch your creatures evolve into mature and powerful partners!
  • Unlock new craftable items and creatures as you advance in the Krafties kingdom!
  • Meet new friends and do co-oporative tasks, like crafts or battles!
  • Create and Join clans for experience and other benefits!
  • Enjoy an exciting realm of quests and achievements!
  • Battle strong NPC creatures alone or with friends for amazing loot drops!
  • Craft items and addons to empower your creatures, or resell your creations to fellow adventurers!
  • All creatures and creations are resellable!

How do I get started?

There are several ways to get started.

  • Visit the main island and click an elemental temple
  • Visit the main island and click the stone rexie
  • Touch a friend's stone rexie or creature to join
  • Rez a "Necessity Pack" and add its contents to your avatar
  • Purchase your own creatures and souls on the secondary market from another Krafties player

Once you wear the HUD for the very first time, you will watch a short video that introduces you to your new Kraftie. After you name it, you will be sent a Starter Pack that contains all you need to begin the most amazing adventure in Second Life!


Q. Krafties is free? Are you kidding?!
A. No, we're not. You can play the whole game completely free, although you can purchase energy to enhance your experience. We give energy gifts every day which you can claim in order to battle, craft, and enjoy the adventure.

Q. Where are all of your products/items?
A. Some special items can be found in our shop, but almost every single item in this realm is craftable by you. Simply use your "Crafting Temple" to craft any item you like. The ability to craft stronger, rarer items is unlocked as you level up your crafting skill, so the more you craft the better your items become!

Q. What is a Crafting/Battle Temple?
A. Link your active creature to a crafting temple to begin crafting a multitude of items and souls. A battle temple tracks you/your team in battle when facing off against another player/team of players. Battle temples are not needed when fighting NPC creatures.

Q. Can I only own 1 creature?
A. No! You can own as many as you like, and rez as many as you like inworld. Though, you may only have one active creature at a time to battle/craft with.

Q. What exactly can I resell?
A. You can resell anything! Items you craft, creatures you catch, and even energy you've obtained can be sold.

  • Legendary Battlers

    Most powerful handlers ranked by battles won.

    All Time

    Valeria Vervain

    1,206 battles


    816 battles


    663 battles

    Hoshi Ghoststar

    398 battles


    390 battles

    TinaVampiress Warblood

    351 battles

    Crow Fiszgold

    323 battles


    266 battles

    This Month

    matthughes1 Longfall

    8 battles

    Rayna Summerwind

    7 battles


    6 battles


    4 battles


    4 battles

    Ambrose Mills

    3 battles


    2 battles

    Tracy Artful

    2 battles

    This Week


  • Legendary Crafters

    Most dominant crafters ranked by souls crafted.

    All Time

    China Genesis

    32,415 pts

    Thesecondringof Loon

    29,421 pts

    Joyfull Tomorrow

    24,909 pts

    rya Sarrasine

    22,195 pts

    Chucky Offcourse

    21,053 pts


    20,352 pts


    16,719 pts

    Panster Moonshadow

    15,082 pts

    This Month

    Hbomb Woodford

    262 pts


    223 pts


    194 pts


    190 pts

    Flag Kurtz

    184 pts


    177 pts

    Sina Singh

    167 pts

    kity Latour

    167 pts

    This Week

    Hbomb Woodford

    42 pts


    38 pts

    nocciolina Dolores

    36 pts


    36 pts

    Flag Kurtz

    35 pts


    34 pts

    Empty Afterthought

    32 pts


    28 pts


    RachelRae Blessed

    3 pts

    Topper Zelin

    3 pts


    2 pts


    1 pts


    1 pts


    1 pts

  • Legendary Trainers

    Most powerful handlers ranked by experience.

    All Time

    polly Tennyson

    2,565,191,141 exp

    troy Ordinary

    2,114,742,212 exp

    NightBeauty Mistwalker

    1,827,914,137 exp


    1,747,607,793 exp

    LJ Branner

    1,733,214,338 exp


    1,673,668,731 exp

    Jocky Vaalbara

    1,608,147,504 exp


    1,585,037,809 exp

    This Month


    77,199,775 exp

    Jocky Vaalbara

    57,515,148 exp

    polly Tennyson

    55,580,873 exp


    43,126,805 exp

    Panster Moonshadow

    42,191,186 exp


    40,481,040 exp

    Faithanne Braveheart

    38,016,947 exp


    37,595,580 exp

    This Week

    polly Tennyson

    10,047,905 exp


    6,889,640 exp

    Jocky Vaalbara

    6,604,069 exp

    NightBeauty Mistwalker

    5,141,410 exp


    4,951,088 exp


    4,804,559 exp


    3,358,580 exp

    Sina Singh

    2,875,855 exp


    Jocky Vaalbara

    616,160 exp


    213,437 exp

    Sina Singh

    205,120 exp

    Hbomb Woodford

    197,344 exp


    196,879 exp


    120,070 exp

    MMM Zeplin

    52,829 exp

    alan Gumbo

    34,320 exp