Jobs at Krafties!

Krafties is looking to provide more and more content for our players, but we need some help to do it. If you think you'd be a good addition to the team then please let us know with the form below! The only requirements are a familiarity with the game and a desire to help it grow.


  Krafties is looking for professional 3D designers, proficient in sculpt and mesh. You could be designing a variety of things, from new creatures/items to working on some of the new future content! Please include some links to photos displaying examples of your work in the application.

Texture/Particle Creators

  We'd like some help designing new particle systems. If you've seen and understand how the Krafties attack system works and think you can make some MEAN looking attacks, or even if you're just handy with photoshop, let us know! Please include your level of experience in the application form.

Event Coordinator

  We are looking for an Event Coordinator to organize and oversee the planning and execution of special events for Krafties. Our ideal candidate should be a team player and a self- starter. They should be skilled in working well with others, have excellent organizational and communication skills, have the ability to manage and delegate tasks to others on staff and be able to handle multiple tasks at once. You will be in charge of researching, designing, organizing and supervising various Krafties events. We ask that candidates have the ability to dedicate time to this position, as events can range anywhere from a one day small contest- to a week long PVP Battle event. If you feel that you have what it takes to fulfill this role- please complete the following application and explain in detail why YOU are right for this position.

Multilingual Customer Service Representatives

  We need people to help out our non-English speaking players! We have an amazing team of CSRs already, but Google Translate can only go so far. If you'd like to help out please let us know, and include which languages you are proficient in along with a little bit about yourself, what times you're available, and why you'd like to join the team in your application.

And to all the rest of you...

  If you have a skillset that we haven't requested here, but you believe will help make Krafties better in any way, then contact us with the form below!

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