May 20


TricornixxBlogImageTricornixx are here! These wild, mystic type creatures peacefully wander all across the Krafties realm. They form small herds, spending most of their day grazing, galloping, and frolicking across plains and plateaus in their tight knit groups. These normally peaceful creatures won’t run from a fight, however. Their fierce pride and bravery is matched only by their strength and stamina. A handler should be wary lest they make an enemy of a nearby herd.

Tricornixx should begin spawning after home temples have been re-rezzed, or within 24 hours of this blog post!

This creature design was submitted to us by Krafties player and friend Mogull! Not only did Mogull include the awesome name for the species alongside a great description, but he also added some wonderful art: Tricornix

The art was so inspiring, in fact, that we decided to get this creature out there for all of you to enjoy right away! A HUGE thank you goes out to Mogull. Players will be able to view some more of his art in the voting app shortly. We’re excited to see more from you Mogull!

To all our Krafties players, thank you for the many awesome idea submissions we’ve received. It helps us a lot, and the passion you show is just the motivation we need to keep churning out new things for you guys. For those of you who don’t know, we have idea submissions at, and you can submit your creature concepts in front of the energy chest!

We’d also like to note that a more realistic creature head movement feature has recently been added to the game, breathing new life into your Krafties. Features like this are always rolling out, so keep your eyes peeled for even more neat things coming up!

Enjoy the new addition, and have fun!

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