Dec 20

Gingerbread Stufflie And Toys For Tots!


The next limited edition Kraftie has arrived! This year the sweetness continues with the Gingerbread Stufflie! This delectable teddy has been baked to perfection, with a heaping helping of love and a dash of fierceness.

Every Gingerbread Stufflie will have a +5 for each nat stat, and all will be level 1. They have a special, unique Gingerbread Soul complete with unique spells not found on any other type, and all have matching affinity bodies. The vendor is available in front of the main store, and will only be available for one week from December 19th until December 26th. They are priced at L$2,000, and half of all purchases will be donated to Toys For Tots!

Thank you all for supporting Krafties, have fun!

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Dec 10

Munkles, And A Super Flash Event Weekend!

MunkleBlogImageThe next species, submitted and voted on by players like you, has arrived. Adorable monkey like creatures have entered our world! Strong and very intelligent, Munkles have been known to craft and use primitive tools to aid them in everyday tasks. They form strong bonds with others of their species and gather together in groups in the wild, but when bonded to a handler this loyalty passes on to their human counterpart tenfold!

In order to see the Munkles spawning, either re-rez your home temples or wait 24 hours.

Munkles are here to stay, and other newcomers just may be joining them very soon. We at Krafties hope you enjoy the new creatures and features, and to celebrate we’re holding a Super Flash Event Weekend! From now until the end of weekend there will be constant, random flash events happening. Even we can’t predict what the future holds, but there will ALWAYS be some sort of special boost or event going on that you can see by simply opening one of the apps on the HUD.

Thank you for enjoying Krafties, and have fun!

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Nov 26

HUD Update v4.05

KraftiesHUDv405BlogImageThere is a new HUD update available, which brings some very nice changes/additions. Krafties Necessity Pack v4.05 is available on the main sim, and will be auto delivered to players who wear an older version of the HUD. The new pack includes the v4.05 HUD update.

What new goodies does this update include? The main changes are: the removal of the icons on the HUD (which have been replaced with a single “Open App” button), the addition of “Single Window Mode”, a “Reset” button built into the HUD, and an “Official Products” section in the Shopping App. Let’s give a rundown of each of these new features.

The cartoony picture icons are gone from the HUD! Now when you want to open an app, simply click the “Open App” button, then in the resulting screen you’ll be able to choose exactly which app you’d like to load. Also keep in mind that from those apps you can directly switch to a new app using the “Change App” feature in the bottom-left corner of the window.

Along with the simplified app opening, we’ve also simplified the window interaction on the HUD. Now the HUD defaults to “Single Window” mode when it’s worn. This mode means that only one app window can be opened at a time, but after the first app is loaded, all other apps should load MUCH faster. We’re talking a VERY LOT faster! This should also simplify things for new players. However, we know some of you veterans like to have a bunch of things going on at once (not to mention you shop traders!), and so for you guys we’ve added a new button in the main menu. Click the Krafties logo on the HUD to access the menu, then click “Multi Window” to make the HUD behave in the old style, where multiple app windows will open on the screen at once. Please note that when “Multi Window” mode is enabled you will not get the benefit of the speedy loading times. And if something does go wrong, the new “Reset” feature in the main menu should help things!

ShoppingAppOfficialProductsBlogImageLast but not least, we have the “Official Products” section in the Shopping App. Here players can purchase Krafties Official items such as Energy, Memberships, Nets, Temples, Rocks, and more to come! This new feature allows players to get their goodies without having to make the long journey over to Krafties Island.

Hope you all enjoy the new changes, have fun!

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Oct 29

Spooky Sweets!

CandyCornGhostBlogGIFStrange ghosts have appeared, holding even stranger… candies? Candy Ghosts will flee, leaving behind their Halloween Surprise Candies if you capture them! These ghosts will only be around from now until Halloween is over, so get to collecting!

Halloween Surprise Candies may give you a very nice treat when you crank that handle, or they may not be so nice. You’ll never know until you give it a turn!

Krafties wishes everyone a fun-filled, safe Halloween. Have fun!

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Oct 22

Limited Edition Bone Stufflies!


The next limited edition Kraftie is here! 

These spooky-cute teddy bears use creepy, bone chilling spells to take down your opponents. They’re only available for a limited time though, so get them while they’re here!

Each Stufflie will have a +5 for each natural stat, and all will be level 1. They have a special Bone Soul complete with unique spells not found on any other type, and all have matching affinity bodies. The vendor is available in front of the main store, and will only be available from October 21st until October 31st. They are priced at L$2,000.

Thank you all for supporting Krafties, have fun!

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Oct 09

Introducting Flash Events!

FlashEventAppNoticeBlogPicThe very first flash event is happening now! These mini-events will happen randomly and provide a variety of perks or bonuses to players! Players will be alerted to the events via notices in the apps when they are happening. The current flash event gives double healing experience for the entire duration, but who knows what the future holds?

We’re always trying to keep you guys on your toes here at Krafties. Enjoy this new addition, and have fun!

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Oct 07

Beginning The Ad-Venture, and Pumpkie Returns!

Beginning soon Krafties will be experimenting with advertisements showing in different areas of the game and site. These ads will be strategically placed in parts of the game so they’ll be completely non-intrusive, and hopefully flow seamlessly with the gameplay. We will of course be listening to player feedback along the way to make the Krafties experience the best it can possibly be!

These ads will only show in select apps where they make sense. Most notably we’ll be moving towards ad based apps for players to collect their daily energy from the chest and spinner. Alongside this, the Packaging apps and NPC Shop apps seem like likely candidates for ad integration.

Eventually, we’d love to start offering in-game rewards for players who opt-in to viewing sponsored video ads, such as bonus energy or other neat prizes (akin to a huge number of popular mobile games). Let us know what you think!

And uh, is that a Pumpkie I see? Looks like they’re back! Pumpkies will begin spawning within 24 hours, or you can rerez your Home Temples to see them immediately.

Be on the lookout for some very cool stuff coming up in the near future. There’s an update to creature attachments that will be available soon, giving the creatures much more realism and expression. We’re always working on new features and content, and this new change should allow Krafties to expand faster and further!

Thank you all for supporting Krafties. Have fun!

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Sep 16

Koalie Arrives!

KoalieBlogImageA new Kraftie has appeared, the next addition which was named and voted on by players like YOU: the Koalie! These exotically coated creatures spend most of their time lounging about in the wild, but when paired with a handler they have proven themselves to be quite formidable. Though they may not go out of their way to do much, you don’t want to be in the way when these versatile creatures get to moving.

In order for Koalies to begin spawning, rerez your home temples or wait 24 hours!

To celebrate this new arrival, Krafties is holding an extra long boosted affinity weekend! From now until the end of Sunday, all captured creatures have a much higher chance of having that rare affinity you’ve been after.

We hope you all enjoy the new creature and look forward to some very exciting new features soon! Have fun!


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Aug 18

Krafties Market App, New Packages, And Invitation Boxes!

InviterBoxBlogPicTwo new additions to the world of Krafties are here, Invitation Boxes, to replace Stone Rexies, and the new Market system!

Krafties Invitation Boxes can be placed anywhere, and they’ll invite new players to Krafties in lieu of you inviting them personally. All a potential player has to do is click the box! And don’t worry, you still get the invitation reward as if you invited them yourself. The inviter boxes slowly rotate, and have the included image plastered to the sides. These boxes will also give out copies of themselves, so anyone can grab a set. To get one, simply click a Krafties Invitation Box (like the one in the entrance of the shop on the main sim) and select “Get Inviter” from the drop-down menu. 

That brings us to our newest feature, the Krafties Market App! There’s a HUD update inside a new Necessity Pack (v4.045) available on the main sim, or you can have the new pack auto delivered to you by wearing an older version of the HUD. Located on the new HUD you’ll see this icon:


Clicking the icon opens the Krafties Market App, where you can search through bonded creatures, unbonded creatures, souls, and items that have been put up for sale by other players! The app allows you to search for specific species, elements, elemental affinities, or items and filter them by how recently they’ve been added or their prices. Not only does this new method allow you to easily find exactly what you’re looking for, but it allows you to view all of the relevant details of a product by simply clicking on it. If you like what you see, teleport to the package and buy it in-world!

To place items in the Market App, new bonded, unbonded, soul, and item packages are available on the main sim (v4.045). In order to use this new market feature you must be using one of the newer packages to package your goods, but older packages will still function if you don’t want to take advantage of the app. For your goods to show in the Market App, the package must be set for sale in the app itself, and the “Show In Krafties Market App” checkbox must be ticked. 

Along with the marketplace checkbox, the new packages come with a few powerful new features. You can modify the prices and the “Show in Krafties Market Search” setting after packaging, along with the ability to price items at fractions of an L$ per unit! These changes should make things MUCH simpler for both buyers and sellers alike!

We hope you all enjoy these additions, and look forward to many more surprises and features coming up in the near future. As always, have fun!

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Aug 13

Slime Guide Saves The Day, and Boosted Affinity!

SlimeGuideBlogImageA very helpful little guide has appeared in the apps, here to aid you on this wonderful, if sometimes daunting, journey. As players interact with the apps they’ll see these tips slide into view. They describe exactly what certain apps do, and go deeper and deeper as players interact with different features.

While newer players will benefit from this helper, more experienced players may not want the constant reminders on how to play. For these Krafties pros we’ve added a checkbox in your Player Profile, located in the Home App, that allows you to turn the guide on or off. Alongside this option there’s another addition: “Reset Guide.” This button will reset all of the tips the guide has given you already, allowing players to revisit tips they may have missed or want to brush up on.

While this guide may seem to be giving obvious information at first, he will be a helpful tool with some of the newer apps set to be released very soon. And of course the easier and more welcoming we make the experience for newer players, the more our wonderful community will grow!

To celebrate this arrival, Krafties is holding a Boosted Affinity Weekend! All creatures captured from now until the end of Sunday will have a much higher chance of having a rare elemental affinity.

We hope you enjoy the new addition and the special weekend event! Have fun!

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