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Intellect Alchemy Tablet
Focus Alchemy Tablet
Fortitude Alchemy Tablet
The Alchemy App

Alchemy is an ability that enables your Krafties Pet to convert Loot items into Mental Experience using the Alchemy Spell on special Alchemy Tablets.

  • Alchemy Tablets are also called Mental Tablets because they convert loot into Mental EXP

Alchemy App

The Alchemy App lets you choose your ingredients by dragging the items onto the black area and
You drag your items onto the tablet within the Alchemy App, before you can convert them with the spell.
  • The app is opened through the dialog menu when you touch the Alchemy tablet.

Alchemy Spell

How to unlock "Low Alchemy"

Alchemy Tablets

There are three types of Alchemy Tablets, each converts loot into a certain type of Mental Experience
The recipe for each of these mental tablets (Intellect, Focus and Fortitude) is the same one, you just choose which type to create when crafting.
Logo big.png Intellect, Focus OR Fortitude Alchemy Tablet
crafting recipe using a Crafting Temple
Skill Requirement Ingredients
Crafting level 5
  • 2 Stone
  • 1 Coal
  • 1 Philosophers Stone
Energy Cost
250E (Gold: 188E)
Additional Information

A mystical tablet which uses Alchemy spells to convert items into experience. Variable uses until tablet crumbles.

Crafting Experience: unspecified Timer: unspecified sec.
Just like other tablets, they require Spells to be cast on them to work, which in this case is the Alchemy Spell.
  • If you get the "No suitable spells" message, it means your active pet does not know the spell and needs to complete the Home Sweet Home quest (each pet needs to do the quest separately in order to gain the spell).

How to do Alchemy

It costs no energy to use a Alchemy Tablet

  1. Rez your Alchemy Tablet from your HUD
    1. Open Inventory app
    2. Click the tablet you want to use (focus, fortitude or intellect)
    3. Click "Rez Item"
      • The Alchemy tablet will rez inworld
    4. Close the Inventory App. Click the red icon in the top left of the app window
  2. Open the Alchemy App and select ingredients
    1. Touch the tablet inworld. That will open up a dialog window
    2. Click "Open App"
      • An app window will appear
      • If it says "Preparing your App", then wait a few seconds and then click the app window again
    3. Drag the items you want to convert on to the black space
    4. Click "Convert!" (This will sync the App with the tablet)
    5. You can close the app at this time
  3. Cast your spells on the tablet
    1. Touch the Alchemy tablet inworld to open dialog window
    2. Click "Cast Spell"
    3. Select "Low Alchemy" (tablet will register spell and you should now see "Spell(s) Cast and Item(s) ~Placed in hovertext)
    4. Touch the tablet again and from dialog window
    5. Click "Finalize"
      • You mental exp will add to the appropriate statistic
      • You will receive a confirmation in local chat
      • [04:33] Fortitude Tablet #78: Finalizing...
        [04:33] Fortitude Tablet #78: Alchemy successful! Adding 15 Fortitude experience.
    6. Close the alchemy app
    • You can either repeat the alchemy process by re-clicking the tablet already rezzed inworld- OR you can simply delete the tablet.
    • You will still have your tablet in your inventory. Deleting does not remove the tablet from your inventory.

Converting Items (Exp per Item)

  • This list shows how much Experience different items are worth when converting.
Experience received when converting
250 EXP
100 EXP
30 EXP
  • Gingerbread Cookie
10 EXP
Items that cannot be converted

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