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Did you mean "Crafting (skill)"?

The act of Crafting is a group activity in and refers to the act using a Crafting temple, which is an essential part of playing Krafties since it is where the game originally gets it name.

  • If you enjoy crafting alot, it can be beneficial to have a Gold Memebership which will disable crafting cooldowns and gives energy-discount for most items you craft.


Crafting Temple

Kraftie temple.jpg
Linking is what connecting your pet to a Crafting Temple is called

Crafting temples are one of the most used and useful temples of the three given to trainers as part of their starter packs. This temple is used for players to create items using component parts found from defeating wild creatures, and to create elemental souls to use to bond with captured creatures and create new pets.

  • Crafting has several benefits for trainers:
    1. Crafting creates items and souls that can be used by trainers or sold in auction and markets for other trainers.
    2. Crafting builds experience to further enhance your creature's abilities.
    3. Crafting experience can be given out to up to 10 players (including the temple's owner) who link their pets to the trainer's temple, as well as developing social interaction with other trainers. The number of trainers linked in also have a chance of producing higher quality items and souls.
  • Using the crafting temple requires the following items
    1. Energy
    2. Component parts (necklace, shards, nuts, water, etc.)
    3. For constructing souls, your attached creature must have at least an overall level of three or OA3 for short.

The Crafting Process

Crafting Leader
  • The Crafting Leader is the Owner of the temple
  • You want as many people possible to link to your Crafting Temple for the best results
  • You can always "Clear Craft" to force everyone to unlink
    This is useful when you want to start over again
Things you should NOT do while Crafting
If you do any of these things, you will LOSE your crafted item/soul and any ingredients required in the recipe of it
Keep in Mind
  • You cannot link if the temple is full (10 people)
  • In order to earn experience while assisting in a crafting, stay linked through the entire process until it is finished
  • If you detach your pet then you will not earn any experience
  • When crafting Souls, the Crafting Level, Combat Level and Mental Level of everyone assisting in the crafting can affect the outcome of the soul
  • When crafting non food items only the Crafting Level of the leader and all linked affects the outcome of the item crafted for instance duration of potions and number of uses is usually higher with higher levels linked
  • If you switch to a lower pet than the one originally linked to a craft, the entire outcome of the craft will be affected

Crafting App

The Crafting App
Item crafting popup, here going to craft 3 glass
  • The Crafting App is opened by touching the Crafting Temple to open it's dialog window, there you find "open app"
  • You drag the required ingredients onto the black area before crafting, then you can see what recipes you can craft with the selected ingredients
  • Coupons allow you to craft without spending Energy, simply add the coupon along with the other ingredients to use it
  • You can easily access the Crafting Recipes via the wiki to see what ingredients are needed

Crafting Skill

  • You earn experience every time you craft something or assist in a crafting (linking to a temple)
    • The experience earned depends on the items crafted (The higher energy cost means higher exp gain)
    • Some Crafting Recipes have level restrictions and your pet needs to gain experience to level up the skill.
  • Healing Spells are affected by the Crafting Skill, which decides when the spells are learned and how much they heal

Earning Crafting Experience

  • Whenever you are linked to a Crafting temple as someone is crafting, you will be rewarded some experience depending on the complexity of the item that was crafted.
  • Whenever you use a Healing spell, you will gain as much experience as the number of hitpoints being healed.

Gold Membership Benefits

There are certain benefits you get for having active Gold Membership
  • Your will get a Energy discount when crafting, spending less energy than normally on the recipes.
  • Your Crafting Temple will not go onto Cooldown after item/soul has been crafted (so you can craft as much as you want without having to wait)
You can see if you have Active Membership (and how much remaining) by viewing the "Player Profile" within the Home App or through the Pet Menu
View Membership for more information

Failed Crafting

Please note that sometimes technology does fail us, and experience is not earned for a craft.
There is a maximum "accepted" time limit of "20 minutes" on crafts. If you choose to craft and the timing of the craft exceeds 20 minutes, any errors that occur during the craft will not be supported by the Krafties team. (this includes crashes or any SL related issues)
If you are the leader of a craft, and the time of the craft is under "20 minutes"...if the craft fails due to server issues, crashes etc.. we will return the E and ingredients to your HUD so you can re-craft. Unfortunately we are not able to award crafting exp due to the inability to obtain the necessary data from our servers. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences due to failed crafts.
ALL tickets for failed crafts under 20 minutes MUST include the local chat from when the craft initiated and when it officially completed. We will not process tickets without that pertinent information.

Do some Crafting

A crafting session being held, you can see:
particle chains that indicate when somebody is "linked" (which are color coded to the elements)

Crafting in Krafties is one of the major things to do in the game. You craft souls for your pets, mining tools, food to boost your pet's health in battle, amulets to boost your pet's stats, potions, and much more. Also, Crafting Level actually affects how much your pet heals with the heal spells they get. The heal spells are also dependant on Crafting Level, the pet getting the first one at Crafting Level 4.

To craft items you need a few things.

  • Ingredients. These drop as loot from Wild creatures that you battle.

The first things you probably want to start with is some food, as this requires little E to craft, and will be useful for your pet in battles until you get a heal spell. Please see the notecard Krafties Crafting Recipes for appropriate recipes.

How to Craft

  1. Wear your Necessity Pack
  2. Rez your Crafting Temple v4.0
  3. Open the Crafting App and select ingredients:
    1. Touch the Crafting Temple
    2. Click "Open App" in the Dialog Window
      • If it says "Preparing your App", then wait a few seconds and then click the app window again
    3. Drag the necessary items on to the black square to complete the recipe for the craft. (If you are crafting souls, make sure you drag the appropriate stone)
    4. Click either "Craft Item" or "Craft Soul", depending on what you are crafting
    5. The available item(s) you can craft will appear in a new window
    6. Click the desired item to craft
    7. Enter the total amount of that item you want to craft in the space provided (ex 1/12)
    8. Double click "Craft!"
  4. A new white window will open- stating the craft has begun.
    • At this point you can close the window. and see your craft complete inworld.
    • The item crafted will auto add to your HUD, and you will see the item appear above the temple, and receive a confirmation in chat.
      [15:31] Zappa - Krafties Creature: Recieved 2 crafting experience.

Crafting Sessions

Crafting is a group activity, adventurers gather whenever someone rezzes a Crafting Temple so they can assist in the Crafting Session. Many generous players do their crafting in a "public" crafting area, such as the Crafting Hangout on Krafties Island just to share the experience with whoever is present, so it has become a custom to thank the Crafting Leader for sharing.

  • Public Crafting Sessions allow anyone to assist by linking. There are no level restrictions on who can link to the Crafting Temple then
  • Private Crafting Sessions are held on private sims and usually have level restrictions whenever asking for assistance for a crafting

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