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Dragoonix wild.png
Rarity Very Rare
Obtained Capture Wild ~10% HP
Natural Skills
Hitpoints N/A
Crafting N/A
Inteligence N/A
Focus N/A
Fortitude N/A

The Dragoonix... An ancient race amongst the Krafties Kingdom, They're three types Val, Nal and Dal, each with their
own special ability.

  • The Lesser Dragoonix are mere fragments of the Greater Dragoonix that spawn from home temples, once captured they turn back into spirit fragments
    • There are three types of lesser dragoonix: ValDragoonix, NalDragoonix and DalDragoonix
  • The Greater Dragoonix need to be lured in with a Dragon Charm of Attraction, they do not normally spawn without it.


How to summon and capture a Dragoonix

You will need to make certain preparations to capture a Dragoonix as a pet because the lesser dragoonix that normally spawn from the Home temples simply turn into Dragon Spirit Fragments when captured.

Lesser Dragoonix

Dragon Charm Of Attraction

Dragon Charm of Attraction.png Dragon Charm Of Attraction
crafting recipe using a Crafting Temple
Skill Requirement Ingredients
Crafting level 5
Energy Cost
50E (Gold: 37E)
Additional Information

This Charm will attract all Greater Dragoonix to the Home Temples for 20 minutes.

Crafting Experience: unspecified Timer: 60 sec.

Dragon Binding Sword

Dragon Binding Sword.png Dragon Binding Sword
crafting recipe using a Crafting Temple
Skill Requirement Ingredients
Crafting level 10
Energy Cost
100E (Gold: 75E)
Additional Information
  • This Sword will allow you to capture/tame all Greater Dragoonix brought out by the Dragon Charm Of Attraction
    Duration of this item varies upon crafting
Crafting Experience: unspecified Timer: 90 sec.


This creature varies in appearance depending on the Element of soul bonded.

Base Elements

Hybird Elements

Special Elements

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