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In order for Krafties pets to level up, they will need to earn Experience in many ways, mainly through combat and crafting.


Ways to earn Experience

Crafting Experience (Crafting)
  • Doing some Crafting or assisting one
  • You receive exp for each craft you lead or assist. Exp earned per craft is the E cost per item/4
  • Casting Healing Spells,earns you 1Exp for every 1hp it heals
Combat Experience (Attack, Strength, Defense and Hitpoints)
Mental Experience (Intellect, Focus and Fortitude)
Random/Any Experience

Combat Training Tips

  • You can choose in which Combat skill your experience goes, by changing the Combat Style in the Pet Menu (under "Battles")
  • You can change the Active Combat Spell to stronger or weaker damaging spells in the Pet Menu (under "Battles")
  • Using a Healing spell often will earn you Crafting experience. The higher the Crafting Level the more hitpoints you heal
    • Healing Spells are learned on crafting levels, view your pet's element page for more information

Other Notes

  • If you dislike getting all the battling details, you can turn off Spell Alerts in the Pet Menu (under "Settings")
  • You can actually change the volume of your pet in the Pet Menu (under "Settings")

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