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Information icon4.png Krafties Sim is a GENERAL rated sim

"General regions are areas where you should feel free to say and do things that you would be comfortable saying and doing in front of your grandmother or a grade school class." As according to Second Life Knowledge Base

A look at the Krafties island from above, Store being up North.
Soul Converters marked in red, Rock Mines marked in blue, Rez areas marked in green.
The Balloons

The Krafties Island or Main Sim refers to Krafties location within Second Life

Krafties Island location: Krafties Island (General sim)
Torley linden spooktecular.png Dresscode Read the Rules
Official Island of Krafties fantasy pet FREE MMORPG game.

Master your crafting and battling skills and adventure with your own pet Kraftie! Also the location of our in-world store

Hangout Krafties store


Locations on Krafties Island

Island Dress Code

All group members and visitors are asked to comply with the dress code and sim guidelines.
  • This applies to staff members, child avatars up to adult - and from furry to all other "types" of avatars.
  • All "bits" must be covered. No pasties or fig leaves allowed :)
  • No clothing or tattoos with offensive language or nudity.
  • No leashes (BSDM related) allowed
  • Group tags or pet names cannot contain offensive words or terms.
  • No oversized avatars or rideable objects
  • Scripted weapons are not allowed to be used on the sim
  • No sound loops or AO's/gestures that spam local
  • No advertising, selling or clan related activity
  • No taunting, harassing or verbally abusing others in local chat

We have relaxed our "Dress Code" quite a bit. It is going to be a big change for many of our players. If you do not approve of what another avatar is wearing, we suggest that you "derender" them so they are no longer visible to you. We want all of our Krafties members to be able to come to the sim and enjoy their Krafties AND SL experience. Creativity and expressing ourselves is what SL is all about isn't it?


  • Krafties encourages a positive and friendly atmosphere in all of our chat groups- including local chat on the Krafties Sim. Our goal is to bring players together in one forum, to help each other, talk about game play, offer strategies and enjoy the game as a whole. We want our members to spend time in a friendly community that they WANT to come back to over and over again and not fear the negativity.Those who are not willing to uphold these ideals and choose to take the negative, unfriendly, or sarcastic route, will unfortunately be removed from the group.
  • This is just a friendly reminder to all Krafties members battling wilds on the Krafties sim. If another player has disengaged a battle with a wild to heal their Kraftie, it is NOT OK to step in and battle and/or capture that wild. The player who initially attacked the wild is entitled to complete the battle, regardless if they have to take time out to heal or not. There are plenty of wilds to go around for everyone. Please take a few extra seconds to survey the area and begin a battle with a "free" wild. Thank you  :)
  • Blatant "stealing" is not condoned, and the Krafties staff reserves the right to mediate any such situation.
  • Please do not heal another players Kraftie without asking first.
  • Krafties CSRs' are asked to enforce the Sim guidelines.
    If they are not followed, staff reserves the right to send you home for milk and cookies until the issue is corrected.
  • Please respect staff members as they are the moderators of the sim.
    If staff is verbally abused in local chat or in IM's, then they reserve the right to take further action which could include a mute, eject and/or ban.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and enjoy!

Krafties Staff

Places to Rez

There are certain areas you can rez objects related to the Krafties (game).
See Rez Areas for more information

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