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The update is here! It has been a long time coming, but all the hard work and dedication on behalf of the development team and Krafties staff has finally come to fruition!

What do you have to look forward to?

A SHINY NEW HUD for starters!

BLOG hud image

Say goodbye to your v2.2 hud.. its time to change the way we play Krafties. Your new HUD contains apps much like the those in smart phones. Each app opens the door to awesome aspects of Krafties game play.

What apps are there you ask?

The Home app houses all of your bonded and unbonded Krafties, souls and player information. The Inventory app contains all of the items that are stored in your HUD. Amulets, potions, pick axes, tablets, eye-stones, loot etc. Your Creature app allows you to see which spells your active creature possesses, it’s current levels and how much exp is needed for future levels. It also gives you a handy diagram to see when your creature will unlock new spells. The Wiki app allows inworld access to the Krafties Wiki. BLOG creature app image


All of the loot and energy that is in your current 2.2 HUD will automatically transfer over once you wear your new HUD. Everything that you DON’T have in your old HUD, you will convert to your new via an Updating Pad. All you need to do is rez your Krafties loot items, crafted items, souls, and unbonded creatures on the tablet, then click it to begin the updating process. They will poof and magically appear in the inventory of your new HUD.

Nets, Eyestones, Shrooms, Alchemy and Enchanting tablets will be converted to your new HUD via updating drop boxes that will be located behind the Krafties store. Simply select the item you want to go into your HUD, click the updater, drag the item into the box and it will add directly to your HUD.

There is soooo much stuffed into this new HUD!!!!! Play around with it, see all of the great bells and whistles it has to offer! And just think of how many items you will be able to clear out of your SL inventory! No more searching for items. or worrying about SL getting hungry and munching them.

The main items needed to play Krafties are now in a new type of package, aptly named the “Krafties Necessity Pack” which contains your v4.0 HUD, The “Creature Attachment” (wear this so you can use your pet in-world), and the “Tool Attachment” which will morph into various Krafties tools (ie. nets and pickaxes). All you need to do is unpack this special box and “add to your current outfit” VOILA! You are equipped to begin this exciting new chapter in your Krafties adventure!

You will use the 4.0 Updater to update your 3.5 Home and Giant temples, your 3.1 Crafting temples, your Mining Rocks, and your Energy Capsules. Simply rez the updater, rez your items to be updated, click and BAM! The updater will replace your Crafting Temple, Mining Rock and Energy Capsule with 4.0 versions, and will update your Home and Giant temples. The only thing you will need to do , once the update is complete, is to manually delete your 3.5 Home and Giant temples once they are updated. There will be 4.0 versions placed on top of the 3.5’s. Simply edit and move the 4.0 and you will be able to then delete the 3.5.

There has also been a change to the way you buy Crafting Temples and Mining Rocks. They will be purchased from a Validator, just like the ones you use to purchase Home and Giant temples.

This will in turn give your Crafting Temples and Mining Rocks their own unique ID.

As far as game-play, you will still be able to rez your Crafting Temple inworld, from your SL inventory. Once you have done so, you will be directed to your Krafties HUD to complete the crafting process. Mining Rocks will also be rezzable from your SL inventory and used as you have been using them.

Enchanting and Alchemy are now HUD contained, you will no longer rez those tablets from your SL inventory. Whats really cool about Alchemy, is you can now convert multiple items at once! THAT ROCKS!!

You now activate your tools, such as nets and pickaxes, from your inventory app. No more searching in your SL inventory then having to right click and wear. The “Tool Attachment” that you are wearing will morph into the tool, depending on what you select from your inventory. Amulets and potions will also activate directly from your inventory, no more having to wear them or rez in-world to use.

What about all of the Krafties items you want to sell? You will still be able to continue with your sales, the only thing that has really changed is the way you box up and sell your items. Since loot and most of the Krafties items will not be rezzable inworld, we have created “Krafties Packages” which serve as your vendors and boxes with which you can sell or transfer your items.

BLOG package image

The packages can either be set for sale via the menu you are given when you click the Package, by setting the entire object for sale (as you would any other item in SL), or you can use the Package as a vendor, filling it up with items and selling it as (x) Linden per piece.

The Packages are also customizable… you can change the border color, interior color, and even add your own texture to two sids of the Package.

Of course you are free to use your own boxes to sell your Krafties items. Simply edit the box you want to load- and in the “contents” tab, place the Krafties Package as an object inside your own box. The person that buys your object will need to unpack it, then rez the Krafties Package inworld- click it and then unpack it into their HUD. You can also transfer the Packages to other members via inventory without having to set them for sale. The choice is yours!

Along with the other numerous changes, you no longer need to travel to the Krafties sim to convert your unwanted souls… you can do it directly from your HUD! Click.. convert.. CHA-CHING! And while on the topic of souls, you will be able to extract souls directly in the HUD also. One click and….. PRESTO CHANGE-O… Soul extracted!

Now is the PERFECT time for you to invite your friends, family and foes to this amazing MMORPG! All new Krafties Adventurers will get to experience this update first hand! We have re-vamped and streamlined the start-up process. Continue to invite new members the ways you always have, but this time around they will embark on this adventure and acquire their first Kraftie via the new HUD. Truly a great experience to get started in the game.

That was A LOT of information wasn’t it? What we need everyone to keep in mind is that this update has changed the ENTIRE system of Krafties. We expect there will be new bugs found, and if there are we will be on top of fixing them lickety split! We hope and pray there aren’t too many… because….. If there aren’t, then we can FINALLY move on to bringing you NEW CREATURES along with NEW AND ENHANCED ASPECTS of GAME PLAY!!!!

The UI ( user interface) of the new HUD was designed with ease of play, and player preferences in mind. IF you find something that you feel should be tweaked or added to, please let us know!

We want the new HUD to be as user friendly and informative as possible, remember we are here FOR YOU! This is YOUR KRAFTIES ADVENTURE!!!


  1. Go to the marble slab at the back of the Krafties store
  2. Click and get a copy of the 4.0 Updater, the 4.0 Necessity Pack and the 4.0 Updater pad
  3. The 4.0 Updater will update your Home and Giant temples, your Crafting Temples, your Mining Rocks, and your Energy Capsules. Simply rez your items, click the udpater and let it go to work. Once you are finished with the update, you will need to manually delete the 3.5 Home and Giant temples left behind (they will be in the same spot as the new 4.0 Home and Giant Temples
  4. Rez your 4.0 Necessity pack and open. Right click and “add to current outfit”. You will see your HUD appear on the screen. There will also be 2 tools that will attach to you. The Creature Attachment will become your active creature, and the Tool will become your net or pickaxe.
  5. Rez your Updater Pad. That is what will convert your Krafties items into the new format. The items that you can convert via the pad will be listed in local chat. Rez a bunch of items onto the pad, then click it to begin converting. They will automatically add to your HUD. There is also loot rezzer script you can grab for $0L that will help you rez in bulk. Grab the script- and drop in a prim along with a bunch of your loot.
  6. There are updaters around the perimeter of the marble slab which will update/convert your Enchanting and Alchemy tablets, Standard and Tiny nets, Shrooms and Eye Stones to your HUD. Simply click the updater, hold down ctrl and drag your item on to the box. BE CAREFUL not to drag your item on to the wrong box, or it will POOF and not be recoverable.
  7. To convert your bonded Krafties to the HUD, simply rez them or wear them. They will deactivate and automatically go into your HUD.
  8. Packages are available so you can box up your loot, unbondeds, bondeds and souls. Simply rez, grant debit perms, then click the Package again. Follow the prompts to load the object. You can set the entire object for sale- or use it as a vendor. The choice is yours.

Thank you all so much for your past and future patience as this HUGE overhaul is fleshed out and polished. And above all, HAVE FUN!

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