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~~ We have added the ability to transfer bondeds, unbondeds and souls from your HUD directly to another person. Click to select the desired Kraftie, unbonded or soul you want to transfer, select transfer from the pop up window, type in the recipients name, click transfer and VOILA! An instant transfer from HUD to HUD. A notification will appear in the recipients local chat window. No more having to package to transfer :)

~~ We have added a set/change password feature. This allows you to secure your Krafties account and access your creatures in the future with or without SL. The password is stored in an encrypted manner, and its suggested not to use the same password you use for SL The password feature is accessible in your Player Profile Menu. Simply click the button and follow the prompts.

~~ We have added the ability to view more items in your HUD's. ~~ We have fixed the issue with captcha and orb mode removing the glow from your affinity pets

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