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  • Please do not advertise other "Breedables or any other type of product"
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This page contains lists of the many places on Second Life where you can play Krafties with others. Please be aware of the fact that only Krafties sim is officially managed by Krafties. Every place has it's own rules and ratings, please respect them.


General Rated Locations

List of locations hosted in General rated sims.

Sironit Netanya location: Sironit Netanya (General sim)
Snapshot 043.png Dresscode No nudity
A privately rented parcel in a General rated sim close to the Black Sea. Play Krafties and buy Souls and Items here!
Hangout Marketplace

Moderate Rated Locations

List of locations hosted in Moderate rated sims.

Dev`s Hell location: Ossono - Dev`s Hell (Moderate sim)
Profile Devils Hell.png Dresscode No nudity
A spot to meet friends and hang out playing Krafties in a low lag parcel away from noise and drama, battle temples and crafting area open for all group members. Krafties items, Unbondeds & Bondeds for sale.
Hangout No Marketplace

Krafties corner location: Limbo - Isle of Wyrms (Moderate sim)
Isle of Wyrms Krafties.png Dresscode keep it PG
Play Krafties at Isle of Wyrms, place for dragons, tinies, humans and other creatures. Spacious enough for even the most ancient of dragons.

You can also go explore the Isles below with teleporter by the stairs, it is a large place with 6 connected sims

Hangout Marketplace

Silver Mist Breedable Market & Auction House location: Silver Mist Market (Moderate sim)
KraftiesLogoWithElements.png Dresscode N/A
Come enjoy the foresty fantasy feel with lots to do , cheap shop rentals, low lag land,
  • Krafties Auctions Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat,Sun

We also have Krafties Temples, Mining Rocks and Crafting Circle for your use

Hangout Marketplace

Adult Rated Locations

List of locations hosted in Adult rated sims.

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