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Completing these random events can reward you with gifts and boosts for your pet.


Krafties Island (Main sim)

The Elemental Torches


  • The Balloons are temporary boosts your pet can gain by popping them, but only if you are the first to touch them
  • They appear every 30 minutes, and the boost they give last until the balloons appear again
  • Even if the boosts are small, they do effect the pet and its also simply fun to pop those colorful things

Elemental Torches

Around the center of the Krafties sim (landing area) are 10 special Elemental Torches. They are for fun elemental competition on the Krafties sim. Any player can click ANY torch as many times as they want. There are no limits... after all, the goal is to KEEP the torches on the color of your pet's element!.
  • If your pet's element matches the dominant element in the torches, your pet will be given random Experience
  • Not all the torches have to be the same color to win dominance, the small black torch near one of the Elemental Torches can tell you what element is currently dominant
  • Players can order their pets to attack a torch to change it's color by clicking the torch and then casting a battle spell. Repeat with each torch around the battle area and see how many you can change to your pets element. There is a random timer that goes off, and if your element is the dominant element on the torches at that time, you will be awarded experience!

Creature APP

If you pay attention to the creature app, you might notice that it has random events happening. If you do these little tasks you will be rewarded with boosts and gifts. You need to touch your Creature App to interact with the events

Random giftbox

A boxed present appears on screen, if you open it you will get a random gift:

[01:32] Krafties HUD v4.0132: The gift contained an unbonded Beetlie! Check your Home App to see your new creature.

Black/Rainbow myst

For a moment your pet will be hidden behind some kind of myst, either black clouds or rainbow dots. If you manage to remove them all by hovering your mouse over them all, you will be rewarded with a temporary boost.


You might see a balloon floating up across the app screen, if you catch it you will be rewarded a temporary boost

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