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Krafties Creatures will automatically recover their health when out of battle, but it takes time. You can use spells or items to help the recovering process and get your pet back into the fight sooner.

  • Consuming Food Items will heal your pet
  • Casting Spells
    • Healing Spells will heal your pet and earn the caster Crafting Experience
    • Some spells will recover hitpoints without being "Healing Spells" (means they won't earn Crafting Experience)

Consuming Food

Food Items can be consumed by your pet, and it will heal it.
View Food for more information

Recovering with Spells

A Beetlie casting Heal on itself
All pets can unlock some spells that allow them to recover health
  • The amount of hitpoints each spell recovers is based on the Crafting Level,
    example: Low Heal will recover equal amount as Crafting Level, while High Heal recovers 6x the amount.
  • Casting a Healing Spell also earns the caster Crafting Experience equal to the number of hitpoints the spell heals
  • Healing other players without asking is considered rude.
    • Being healed by others does not effect your pet in other ways than restoring it's Health, it does not earn you EXP unless you were the one casting the spell.
    • There are settings to prevent/allow others to cast spells on your pet (Healing and Buffing spells)
Spell Name Element Self Others Teammates Description
Low Heal Neutral Yes Yes Yes
Heals target for equal amount as caster's Crafting Level
Med Heal Neutral Yes Yes Yes
Heals target for 3x the caster's Crafting Level
High Heal Neutral Yes Yes Yes
Heals target for 6x the caster's Crafting Level
Low Regenerate Vampire Yes No No
Heals equal amount as caster's Crafting Level
Med Regenerate Vampire Yes No No
Heals 3x caster's Crafting Level
High Regenerate Vampire Yes No No
Heals 6x caster's Crafting Level
Drain Vampire No No No

will recover hitpoints equal to damage inflicted

Consume Vampire No No No

recover hitpoints equal to damage inflicted

Unlocking Healing Spells

Unlocking of Heal/Regenerate spells for elements
Spell Elements Unlocked
Low Heal Basic Elements Level 3
Med Heal Basic Elements Level 10
High Heal Basic Elements Level 20
Low Heal Hybrid Elements Level 5
Med Heal Hybrid Elements Level 15
High Heal Hybrid Elements Level 25
Low Heal Affection (element) Level 1
Med Heal Affection (element) Level 7
High Heal Affection (element) Level 15
Low Heal Mind (element) Level 10
Low Regenerate Vampire (element) Level 1
Med Regenerate Vampire (element) Level 15
High Regenerate Vampire (element) Level 25

Enabling/Disabling Assistance

Other players can assist you in your adventures by casting healing spells or buffs on your pet, but it is good to know that assisting can be disabled/enabled as you please.

A few reasons why you might want to consider these settings:
  • If you are carefully monitoring your pet's abilities in battle
  • Maybe you wish to practice self healing (to gain those extra Crafting Experience for yourself)
  • Your pet might have such high health that it would take forever to self-heal to get back in the fight, perfect time to shout out for some assisted heals.

If you wish to change your current settings, then you can simply follow these steps to disable it.

  1. Touch your Active Pet to open Pet Menu
  2. Click "Battles"
  3. Click "Spells On/Off"
    • This will disable/allow spells cast by others (You will see message in local chat, telling that the setting has been changed)

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