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How Do I Officially Join Krafties?

Joining will essentially register you on the Krafties servers as a player so it can keep track of your progress in the game. Once you have joined you will receive a Necessity Pack, a Free Starter Pack Temples (no trans set of temples) and a Free Starter Kraftie Creature (unless a friend has already given you a pet to start out with). If that is the case, then that Kraftie will be registered as your Free Kraftie, and you will not receive an additional Free one from us.

There are a handful of ways to join Krafties and start playing. Krafties Adventurers just starting out will be given either a Free Aviaa (Bird like creature) or Rexie (Dinosaur like creature). Creature assignment is random. Each Kraftie Creature will be assigned a specific Element (color). You can choose the Element you want to start with or you will randomly be assigned one. Please read on to see the different ways to join and the specifics.....

  • Clicking on any of the four Elemental Temples around the main sim. Joining by this method will allow you to pick the Element (color) of your Free Krafties Creature. You can choose from Earth (brown), Wind (Light Purple), Fire (Red) or Water (Blue)
  • Clicking on the Krafties Invitation Box that can be found outside the front right wall of the Krafties Store. This method will deliver a Necessity Pack that will get you started. You do not get to choose the Element of your first Kraftie with this method. It will be randomly assigned.
  • Having your friend invite you. They just need to touch their own pet and select "invite" in their Krafties menu while you are standing near them. Select "Yes" from the menu once you are invited. You will see a confirmation in local chat and then you will be sent a "Necessity Pack". You do not get to choose the Element of your Kraftie with this method. It will be randomly assigned.
  • Invite yourself by clicking on a friend's Kraftie and selecting "Join" from the pop up menu. You will be asked to join Krafties, select "Yes" from the menu once you are invited. You will see a confirmation in local chat and then you will be sent a "Necessity Pack". You do not get to choose the Element of your Kraftie with this method. It will be randomly assigned.
  • Obtain a "Necessity Pack" from behind the Krafties main store (big green box)

Joining Krafties by an invite from your friend, or clicking on their Creature is a good thing! Once you reach level 4 overall with your Kraftie, your friend will receive 75 Energy for inviting you. If they have a Silver or Gold Membership, they receive double that (150E). Keep in mind, this is a great way for YOU to earn Energy! Invite your friends, family and foes and get Energy rich!!!!

IMPORTANT! If someone gifts you a Kraftie to use, or you buy one from the secondary market PRIOR to watching the start up video, the Kraftie that you are gifted or bought will appear as your Free Kraftie in the start up video. You will not be given another Free Kraftie from Krafties. Make sure you watch the video FIRST, then accept or buy additional Krafties.

Once you have your Necessity Pack from any of the above methods, you ready to get started on your Krafties Adventure!

The Necessity Pack and Its Contents

Krafties HUD

You simply cannot play the game without it, so be sure to have one! Extra Necessity Pack are always available from behind the Krafties Store.

Krafties HUD

  • Everything you do in Krafties requires you to wear your Krafties HUD, so it is important that you get familiar with using it.
  • The great thing about Krafties is that all information is stored on a external server, you cannot loose your pets or progress even if you misplace your HUD.
  • The HUD will attach to the top left corner of your monitor. You can add the hud to any location on your monitor.
    Just detach and click "Attach to hud" , then choose desired location to attach HUD
  • There are quite a few Apps in your Krafties HUD. Then can all be enabled by clicking the "Open App" button. Please see Krafties HUDfor complete information on the use of your HUD and all of its functions.

Creature Attachment

The "Creature Attachment" is the object that will morph into your active Krafties creature. Be sure to have it on at all times so you can see your amazing Kraftie inworld!

Tool: Right Hand

  • The "Tool:Right Hand" is that object that will morph into either your Standard Net or Pick Axe should you choose to catch wild Krafties or partake in Mining.

Now That I Am Familiar with the Equipment.. What Do I Do Next?

To officially begin your Krafties Adventure, please make sure you have media "enabled" on your SL viewer. This is ESSENTIAL in order for your HUD to work properly. Simply rez your Necessity Pack on the ground (make sure you are in a rez enabled area) and open it. Copy the items into your inventory. Right click on the folder that contains the items and "add to your current outfit". This will attach the HUD ( you will see it appear on your screen), the Creature Attachment and the Tool Attachment. A window will open, double click the window to load the app. A short "start up video" will begin to play. Do NOT close the video. As you watch the video, you will be introduced to your first Kraftie Creature, and receive your "Starter Pack". Please make sure you name your Kraftie when prompted in the video. (if undecided, you will be able to name it at a later time). You will then be asked if you want to activate your Kraftie Creature. Choose "Activate" and you will see your Kraftie magically appear inworld! You can now begin your Krafties Adventure!

Creature Attachment loading your Active Pet
Home App

Once you have finished watching the video, you can close the window. Click on the "Open App" button again and your HUD will reopen. Double click the window again to load the app.... A window will pop up with the Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy. Click "I Accept". You are now officially on your way to be a dominating Krafties Handler!

Once you start poking around in your HUD, you will notice a little Green Slime Dude popping up in the HUD's windows. He is there to give you helpful hints as you learn the ins and outs of the HUD. You can disable the Slime by clicking "Open App" > "Home" > "Player Profile" and then untick "Show Guide". He will go away as you requested. If you wish to see the tips again, check the box and he will be there to assist again.

You also can set a password in the "Player Profile" app. This will protect your Krafties account. Don't forget it because at this time, we have no way of retrieving it for you. It is not necessary to set the password, but its recommended for your protection.

Troubleshooting/Additional Help with the Start Up Video Process

If the start up video does not start playing automatically then please follow these instructions: go to the main store, "Enable Links" by clicking on the "Krafties Logo" on the HUD and selecting "Enable Links", then click the green orb that is floating in front of the right hand wall at the front of the Krafties store, and click the link that appears in local. The video will begin to play in your browser.

If your pet does not activate from selecting "activate" from the video app that you have just watched then please open the Home App (Button image of a house).

Within the open Home App you will find:
Clicking on "My Bonded Creatures" will expand the list to reveal your new starter pet. Simply click it and select "Activate" to begin your adventure together (make sure you have your creature attachment equipped). This will activate your chosen pet, loading it onto the worn creature attachment.

The Starter Pack and Its Contents

When you watched the start up video, you received a Krafties Starter Pack containing the essential items that allow you to play the game wherever you wish.

All Krafties Adventurers are given one Free Starter Set of Temples when they join. To retrieve your Home and Crafting Temple, you will need to use the Validators in your Starter Pack.

  • Rez each Validator on the ground- they will turn red
  • You will be asked to grand debit permissions. Say yes. No Linden will be taken from you. The Validators will serve as vendors should you choose to purchase more temples in the future.
  • After you grant debit perms, the Validators will change color (depending on which Val you are using, either change to blue or green)
  • Click the Validator again and a pop up menu will appear. Choose to rez your Free Home and Crafting Temple, and they will miraculously appear over the Validator. Let each finish initializing, then you can take them back into your inventory. They will be ready to use

Your Home Temple will rez Wilds that your Kraftie will battle to gain strength Your crafting Temple will be used to craft various items in the game Your battle Temple is used for PVP Battles Your Energy Capsule is used to store and transfer Energy The Extras box contains misc. items such as inviters and textures.

All Krafties Temples are no-copy and should be kept somewhere safe within your SL inventory. Krafties issues one "free" set of temples (Starter Pack) to new players. If by some chance SL gets hungry and you lose any of your free temples, please fill out a support ticket at and we will look into replacing them for you. Additional temples are available for purchase in the Krafties main store.

Embark on an Amazing Krafties Adventure!!

When you have grasped the basics of the game, then you can start exploring other aspects of the game.

  • Capture wild creatures and create new pets
  • Do some Crafting and Enchanting to create a variety of Krafties items and special Kraftie Creatures!
  • Gather precious Ores and materials with mining
  • Try converting the loot you gather into Mental Experience for your Kraftie with Alchemy
  • Visit the Krafties sim and Pop Balloons or control the Elemental Torches!

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