Jan 22

Celebrating The Year Of The Rabbit!

  • “Red Envelopes” are dropping from wilds, and are available in NPC shops, during the Lunar New Year festivities! These pockets of good fortune may be holding coins (in small to MASSIVE quantities), coupons, scrolls, or one of  THIRTEEN limited edition Firework Festival Fooflies set aside for the event!
  • Celebrating The Year Of The Rabbit, a new limited edition bonded creature, Firework Festival Fooflie, is available now for a short time through a Dutch Auction system on Krafties Island!
  • Flash Event chances are amplified during the celebration, with a massively elevated chance for Shopping Spree events to occur!
  • A balance patch has been implemented for ALL Firework type creatures, including buffs and a new spell!


The Year Of The Rabbit festivities are going on through January 29th!

Limited Edition Firework Festival Fooflies are available now to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the year of the rabbit! Imbued with the power of festivities and tradition, these fluffy friends take pride in their uniquely ornate coats while channeling the power of Fireworks to decimate anything in their path. ALL Firework type creatures have received a buff via an additional spell in a patch implemented today!

Each creature has a +5 for each natural stat, and all are level 1. They have a special Firework Soul complete with unique spells not found on any other element, and all have matching affinity bodies paired with a Firework aura skin. The vendor is in front of the main store and is set to stop dispensing after 250 have been sold. Bids for Fooflies are handled with a Dutch Auction system, with prices ranging from L$2,000 – L$5,000.

Firework types posess a unique ‘Kinetic Crackle’ ability, allowing them to convert the energy from a recently taken attack into strength buffs while fighting! Paired with the ability to augment the defense of both themselves and their enemies… BOOM!

NOTE: The most recent patch made to Firework type creatures adds a new ‘Cherry Bomb’ spell (unlocked at level 10 mental), which, when cast, gives Firework types the ability to inflict an extra amount of burst damage on an opponent, or themselves! Paired with ‘Kinetic Crackle’, this new power gives handlers a more stable and reproducible means of buffing their strength. OR, maybe deal a defeating blow to a low opponent. Making the right decisions at the right moments is paramount when playing with fireworks!

RedEnvelopeRed Envelopes are able to be acquired for a short time during the Lunar New Year celebration! THIRTEEN lucky recipients will receive a Firework Festival Fooflie from their envelopes, while everyone will receive varying degrees of good fortune in the form of KraftieCoins, Coupons, and Scrolls! Players are able to get Red Envelopes from battling, conducting trades in NPC shops, or from the gift-giving lantern on Krafties Island.

Important! Firework Festival Fooflies will hop out of opened envelopes only AFTER the event has concluded. This is done in order to create a fair and balanced, random distribution of the creatures!

The Flash Event trigger has been amplified during the festivities, with a massively increased chance of Shopping Spree events popping up! Buy yourself something nice with all of those KraftieCoins!

There’s a gift-giving lantern on Krafties Island, giving out Red Envelopes every 15 minutes! Come hang out, make some friends, and test your luck!

We hope you all enjoy this new event! Thank you for supporting Krafties, and, of course, HAVE FUN!

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