Jan 31

Red Envelope Winners

We hope you all enjoyed our very first Lunar New Year event! We received amazing feedback from the community about this new type of celebration, and can’t wait to experiment further with our events to bring even more fun and excitement to you all. Now, to the results!

These thirteen Firework Fooflies sure have been a handful to take care of, so we’re happy to see them find their way to their new homes! Over 30,000 entries later, a lucky few have unknowingly hopped into an extra bit of good fortune during the Lunar New Year celebrations. Without further ado the winners are:

  • Adian Beaumont
  • MarieSophie33 Resident
  • Zelena Morningstar
  • kathy0 Resident
  • justhangin1 Resident
  • Doggo Blep
  • julez Darkwatch
  • Felgood812 Solo
  • DragonianEmpire Resident
  • Connor Rewell
  • Meligamer Resident
  • Si Seaside
  • Aluring Alderson

To our winners, check the bonded section in your Krafties Apps. Your new friends are waiting! To all of our players, thank you for participating in the event. Look forward to many more to come!

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