May 08

Fancy Worms and Pinata Fillers!

  • The Flash Fiesta weekend is extending one more day – all the way through Monday!
  • New Fancy Worm items have appeared to aid in fishing, and Pinata Tricornixx are digging them up for a short time!
  • ALL Pinata type creatures have learned two new abilities: looting Radioactive Candies and sniffing out candy fish!

Fancy Worms

FancyWormFirst there were worms, then there were… Fancy Worms! If you thought fish went crazy for your regular ol’ boring worms just wait until you see how they react to these fancy new additions.

NOTE: When fishing, Fancy Worms will always be used first as bait if they are in your inventory

When using fancy worms as bait, rarer fish will be attracted to your line. That’s a krafties guarantee! However, this new bait type is much harder to come by than the more common bait you’ve been using up until now, which brings us to…

Stuffing Pinatas!

While you’ve been enjoying the festivities this weekend, Krafties has been hard at work making Pinata type creatures the ultimate party animals! They’ve been bestowed with a few fun new abilities:

  • When battling, all pinata type creatures have a chance to obtain Radioactive Candy as loot!
  • When fishing, all pinata type creature have the ability to attract the three types of candy fish to their handler’s lines!

Along with that, our brand new Pinata Tricornixx friends have a very special new temporary skill, allowing them to obtain Fancy Worms as loot for a limited time! For the next few weeks (and maybe longer) these new pets will have a very special place in the world of Krafties. After that, Fancy Worms will be added to the tackle shop and may make their way into other areas of the game as we balance and see how they are received.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the celebration so far, and continue to have fun!

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