Jun 14

Beta v4.51 – As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Head on over to Krafties Island to grab the latest Necessity Pack, version 4.51!

BETA HUD 2022 Blog Snapshot_004

A new Beta Necessity Pack is available, jam packed full of fixes and improvements based on player feedback! Some of the most notable changes are:

  • AI Powered AssistanceSimply say “/123 ANYTHING” in local chat, and our AI assistant can help find the answers to your most pressing Krafties related questions! This is just the tip of the iceberg with all the AI fun you’ll be encountering in the near future, so look out for some exciting upcoming features and content additions once this new version is officially released.
  • App UX/UI ImprovementsThe new app system has been meticulously worked on to iron out issues found by players, reconfigured to make things more user-friendly, and generally provides a better user experience in a variety of ways.
  • App Aspect RatiosBy popular demand, apps can now be opened in square or portrait orientations, along with the default landscape orientation. This gives players more freedom to configure their screen layouts in ways that work best for them!
  • Legacy AppsHUDs can now be set to load our legacy apps by default. While these apps won’t be supported forever, we know it’s a helpful tool for long-time players still getting accustomed to the new apps.
  • Stability, Speed, and Resource UsageTo go along with our app UI improvements, the technical side of our apps and infrastructure have been revamped to optimize and streamline player experience.
  • Secret New HUD FunctionsPreparing for the future, some fun new abilities have been integrated into our in-world systems in anticipation for yet to be released content!

If you’ve been using the v4.5 beta pack to play Krafties recently, you may have noticed some interesting things being made available for short periods as we test new concepts to see how they are received. Beta testers have caught glimpses of logbooks to help collectors track their pets, the ability to synthesize creatures together to create more powerful pets, creatures digging through mysterious dimensions as players explore the world, grid-wide treasure hunts, AI powered quests, and more.

Since the release of the initial v4.5 beta AI has grown in leaps and bounds, and Krafties has had a lot of fun experimenting with how it can be used to build features and enhance development. Once we’re able to officially move to this new version, players will see a wide assortment of additions, along with new season based content that simply isn’t possible to deliver without some of these systems. We’re eager to collect feedback and make final touches!

If you’d like a full breakdown of notable changes in v4.51, read on!

v4.51 Changelog

* Reformat in-world creature loading animation to be more compact
* Add higher dragging amounts to Crafting app
* Add specific app loading images for all app aspect ratios
* Add information about opening apps in browsers on app loading page
* Add ability to change in-world HUD app window aspect ratio
* Fix Nuclear soul auras
* Fix resetting in scripts to make behavior more uniform
* Make creature health orb slightly less transparent
* Make apps automatically redirect to http if loaded over https
* Fix flash events not updating in real time inside of apps
* Update Krafties informational notecard in Creature Attachment
* Make creature spell default to assists ON for new players
* Remove extraneous debug chat output from scripts
* Make elemental auras only show for specific creatures (bug showing for all)
* Increase sentinel value in lisp scripts when executing dynamic code (lots of scripted items on land owned by one account causes scripts to slow and code to misbehave)
* Implement new Necessity/Starter Pack designs
* Make app window smaller when opened in-world
* Add Overall level to unlocks diagram in app
* Fix z order of app windows to prevent new modals from opening behind existing ones
* Fix z order of fish preparing toast notification
* Fix Cloudflare https rewrites
* Adjust canvas mouse position algorithm to work with new app layout
* Fix sounds in app
* Implement new logging system using websockets
* Address app loading issues
* Implement Cloudflare caching
* Implement soft client caching
* Limit HTTP requests from app (causing throttles)
* Increase responsiveness of apps to allow for square and portrait views
* Add X closing buttons to top right of app modals in main app
* Fix plat charms in crafting app
* Fix spacing and size of items in crafting app
* Add item labels to crafting app
* Change preparing in aquarium app to use toast notifications instead of popup modals upon success
* Add tank info toast notifications upon loading the fishing app to display information about fish in tanks being dirty, hungry, happy, healthy etc
* Make coin balances update in real time in NPC trading app
* Add icon that directs to legacy apps in the main app
* Change aquarium app bubble collecting to use toast notifications instead of modal
* Fix fishing app aquarium bubbles not destroying correctly when timing out
* Remove “Release Fish” from aquarium app (not necessary with the “Preparing” option)
* Make algae display correctly for dirty tanks in the fishing app
* Add coin balance to top of the inventory app for easy viewing
* Add loading gif to crature stats area when app first loads
* Fix purchasing fishing poles from the fishing app
* Fix app audio icon
* Change spell cooldown sound to something more fitting
* Add analytics to app
* Add fish filets to gear section of aquarium app
* Make xp notifications appear in the main app while battling
* Display extra information regarding special abilities of elemental effects tied to bonded creature
* Make spell cooldown sounds work (broken during app transition)
* Fix user profile character creator
* Lower advertisements in the NPC shopping app so they don’t cut off trades
* Add item images to NPC Shop
* Add material icons to shopping app
* Improve the visual appearance of the unlock diagrams
* Fix vendor apps (and other legacy apps) loading with the new beta HUD
* Prevent NPC Shop notifications from requiring players to click exactly on ENTER
* Make shop bell sound play when NPC shop notification fires
* Improve visual appearance of NPC shop notifications
* Add unlock diagrams to main app
* Prevent password reminder notification from showing on every app load
* Fix guild achievement tooltips
* Slow creature data requests from app
* Limit creature HTTP requests from app (throttling)
* Adjust fonts in beta HUD to be more readable at smaller sizes
* Improve app fonts
* Remove voting app
* Move next and previous button to top in the bonded, unbonded, and soul modals
* Change NPC shops to appear as toast notifications to allow them to be clicked at any time from any screen in the app
* Add icon for legacy apps – when clicked redirect browser to legacy app urls
* Scroll to top of page automatically when navigating to next and previous pages in shopping app
* Fix achievement icon hovertips in guild app
* Fix bundle size warning
* Shrink webpack bundle size
* Fix asset size warning
* Shrink membership badge in player profile
* Remove music in NPC shop (mute as default)
* Center fish images in market app
* Fix positioning of images in the shopping app
* Add “loading” text to apps
* Fix overflow issue in stats display area
* Remove iframe outline in modal embedded apps
* Increase icon font size
* Patch issue with “To Top” in unbonded modal causing page to go blank
* Show Victory Points in stats area
* Fix sort functionality in bonded and unbonded menus
* Make LE creature images show in bonded and unbonded menus

Thanks for reading this very long list of complicated words. Have fun!

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