Jul 15

2023 Summer Sale! Alongside a SOFT System Upgrade

  • There’s a summer sale on Energy! For a limited time, players can save 15% on Energy purchases!
  • Krafties v5.0 is SOFT releasing! Players are being delivered new “Krafties Necessity Pack v5.0” items when wearing their older Krafties attachments right now. Expect the FULL system upgrade, along with new content and features, next week!

Hey there, Krafties players! We’ve got some fantastic news and exciting updates to share with you today. So, grab your favorite drink, sit back, and let’s dive into what’s happening in the world of Krafties!

Summer Sale Alert! ūüĆě Save 15% on Energy Purchases!

Get ready to power up your Krafties experience with our limited-time Energy Sale! Starting now, for a short period through July 21st, you can save a whopping 15% on Energy purchases. Whether you need that extra boost for exploring, crafting, enchanting, or stocking up for exciting upcoming features now is the perfect time to grab some Energy and make the most out of your game time!

ūüí• Save 15% – Limited Time Offer! ‚Ź≥

  • Pay 85L$ for 100 Energy
  • Pay 850L$ for 1,000 Energy
  • Pay 8,500L$ for 10,000 Energy

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your gameplay and take your Krafties adventures to new heights. Grab those discounted Energy packs now and let the summer fun begin!

Introducing Krafties Necessity Pack v5.0: Soft Release ūüöÄ

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and we’re thrilled to announce the soft release of Krafties Necessity Pack v5.0! This major update brings a range of exciting changes and enhancements to the game, paving the way for a whole new level of exploration and enjoyment. You can see more information about this update from our beta test announcements (previously tested as v4.5)¬†here and here. Let’s delve into what you can expect from this update:

  1. Legacy Mode: For our long-time players, we understand the love and familiarity you have for the current HUD, so we’ve made it easy for you to switch to “Legacy Mode”. From the settings menu of your new HUDs, simply select “Legacy Mode” to make the new HUD function similarly to¬†what you’re accustomed to. This way, you can continue your adventures with a sense of familiarity while still benefiting from some of the the new internal system features. NOTE: We still recommend getting used to the new app system ASAP!
  2. Unleashing Exciting Future Features: The v5.0 update lays the foundation for thrilling new features, many of which are being tailored to our high-level players. Get ready for a wave of content that will take your gameplay experience to the next level and provide fresh challenges and rewards. You’ll see a lot of special additions related to long-time, high-level players, in the coming months!¬†
  3. Unlocking “On-Hold” Content: We’ve had some exciting content sitting in the wings just waiting for this update to be released. By ensuring that all players are running the new system, we can finally release the much-anticipated… stuff! An example of an internally highly anticipated content addition is the “Spring” seasonal soul. Special loot has been dropping related to this upcoming content throughout spring which our players will (soon) finally be able to put to use! After the dust from our big birthday bash has settled, expect to see us kick up even more dust with a slew of content we’re excited to get out to you!

A Note¬†From The Developer ūüíô

Hey, it’s Kris again, here to share my thoughts and excitement about these updates. I can’t express how happy I am to¬†officially release¬†Necessity Pack v5.0. It’s been a labor of love, meticulously tested in beta for the past seven months, and I’m confident it will bring a whole new level of joy and discovery to the Krafties experience once we all get accustomed to the changes.

I¬†understand the importance of maintaining the familiarity and value of our legacy elements while embracing new and exciting changes. That’s exactly why there’s been a ton of extra attention and time put into making this upgrade as wonderful as possible, and doing things like introducing the Legacy Mode, ensuring players can seamlessly transition into the new system without feeling overwhelmed. Your feedback¬†is invaluable to us! Please let us know how you feel about these updates and don’t hesitate to share any and all thoughts, exactly as player have done over the past 7 months while¬†this system has been beta tested.

Looking ahead, we have big plans for the future of Krafties. I’m curious to know which elements you’d like us to tackle next, and excited to see how some upcoming massive features and content additions will be received! As stated above, this is a SOFT release meaning that we want to get the new baseline systems out to players, while disabling our older systems, to make sure there are no big issues that could crop up and interrupt¬†the big event next week. During that event, the “official” system upgrade will take place and players will have a whole slew of features automatically unlocked!

Thank you for being part of the Krafties community and for your support. Your dedication and passion inspire us to continually improve and create a world of endless wonder and excitement. Stay tuned for the upcoming OFFICIAL release during our Krafties Birthday Event, where a tidal wave of new features and content will sweep you off your feet. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Wishing you thrilling adventures and joyful moments in the enchanting world of Krafties! Have fun!

<3 Kris

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