Jul 22

The Largest Event In Krafties History Kicks Off… Now!

  • Krafties V5 has officially released today, our biggest update yet! So big, in fact, that we couldn’t fit it into the blog… Check out the announcement page at https://krafties.com/site/the-adventures-update!
  • Krafties first OFFICIAL OUTFITS are available now, with a massive Attachment System rework coming up soon! Dress your creatures in dapper tuxedos!
  • Mysterious, limited edition ‘Birthday Mystery Eggs’ are on sale for a short time! There’s an LE inside!
  • Birthday Balloons are on sale for a short time! 
  • Birthday Cakes are dropping as loot!
  • A present bestowing birthday gift box is giving away prizes like capsules with 5,000 energy, Birthday Cakes, Membership Vouchers, Birthday Balloons, and more! 

We’re upgrading our style with this GINORMOUS event in the world of Krafties, and now you can too!

The V5 Update: Krafties Adventures!



Over a year’s worth of development later, we’re excited to bring you the next big milestone for Krafties! This update introduces and changes A LOT, while setting the stage for a cavalcade of upcoming improvements all across the game. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Brand New Outfits!

KraftiesTuxedoRenderAlphaBackgroundJoin us in our first foray into cosmetic addons for your creatures, making them EVEN MORE ADORABLE! Tuxedo outfits for Rexies, Hopsters, Felions, and Penglins are available for 250L$ on Krafties Island now! As this is our first time experimenting with anything resembling officially supported attachments, we’re excited for what the future of this could look like and will be closely monitoring feedback from players. If received well, we’ll be looking into making outfits available as purchases in our apps, via both L$ AND KraftieCoins. Additionally, we’d like to replace the outfit items in your Krafties Inventory with a sleek new interface for managing all of your Krafties Outfit needs! For now, take our baby steps alongside us and let us know what you think!

To go along with this exciting new development, we’re looking at the Attachment System in a brand new light. Currently, attachments on creatures are managed via two separate scripts, and at times things can get out of sync for brief periods. This can cause strange visual effects that we thought were unavoidable up until now. HOWEVER, with some new functions provided by LL, along with curious and clever minds that have seen hats float above our creatures’ heads one too many times, we have a plan! While not ready yet, expect to see some improvements in the quality of our animation and attachment systems soon. Possible areas that will be tackled include syncing creature movements, along with expanding the number of attachments creatures have available.

NOTE: A patch is available on Krafties Island with Necessity Pack v5.01, which makes creature attachments handle attachment data better in a small way. THIS IS ONLY A TINY CHANGE WHICH MAKES THE ATTACHMENT SYSTEM SLIGHTLY BETTER. This is unrelated to the Attachment System rework mentioned above.

NOTE: When activated, Krafties Outfits replace any attachments currently on your active bonded creature. These outfits are NOT designed for creatures with the LegacyBalanced ascension type!

2023 Birthday Mystery Eggs


We know you want an LE, and we want to give you one! BUT, there’s TOO MUCH packed into this one event, so we’ve hatched up something of a plan. Tied into a new mechanic introduced in v5 (check it out above!), these eggs hold something very special. In exactly one month from Celebration Day, these eggs hatch into a LIMITED EDITION Unbonded Creature! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join in on the Hatching Day fun!

These special items are only available throughout the birthday week, and Krafties will never sell them again.

Birthday Balloons

BirthdayBalloonsBirthday Balloons! are here for the week-long celebration! These special, limited items are a more affordable way to purchase flash events for yourself and all your friends! When activated, these items float high into the sky signaling the beginning of a random, game-wide event. You can purchase Birthday Balloons either from the Shopping App or on Krafties Island. They’re only on sale through July 30th!

Birthday Cake

KraftiesBirthdayCakeBirthday Cake! Throughout the birthday week cake is dropping from wilds as loot. When eaten, Birthday Cake grants double crafting xp from item and soul crafts for 30 minutes. It’s a great way to share the birthday spirit with a big group of Krafties friends, so be sure to stock up while you can!

Birthday Presents


Presents! Thanks to the amazing Trinity Voir birthday presents are back! Every 30 minutes, players on Krafties Island who click our gift giver have a chance at winning up to 5,000 EnergyOther prizes include Gold Membership Vouchers, Birthday Balloons, Birthday Cakes, and so much more! Who doesn’t like free stuff?? Come and get it!

Have fun!

A Note From The Developer

Whew, that was a lot of work… I’m going to try to update this section with something soon. Or, maybe it will stay like this forever… Stay tuned!

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