Jul 27

Scrambling To Keep Up With All Of The Fun! (A New Limited Edition Creature)

  • Frogspot coated Rexies are hatching from eggs!
  • A new limited edition bonded creature has arrived: Scramble Rexies! Additionally, ALL Scramble type creatures have discovered new synergistic abilities tied to Elemenal Sanctums!
  • Check out some of the cool new features and fixes we’ve already added to v5!

Point the camera right at the sun!

Frogspot Coated Rexies

Rexies have joined the fun over in Frogtopia! By popular demand, Frogspot Rexies can now be hatched from Frogspot type eggs. And, for all of our egg lovers, be sure to read the note below about the mysterious Tender trait to help step up your egg game!

Limited Edition Scramble Rexies

These rexies have a special Scramble Soul with an exciting scrambled mechanic, and all have matching affinity bodies. Each rexie will have a +5 for each natural stat, but that’s about the only thing they are likely to have in common! These elemental souls combine aspects from several elemental types: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Volcanic, Lightning, Sand, Plant, Steam and Ice! Every scramble soul is unique, unlocking random spells from multiple types. The vendor is near the landing point at Krafties Island, and will only be available for two weeks from now through August 9th. They are priced at L$2,000. Get them while they’re here!

Additionally, ALL Scramble types have received the following benefit:

Scramble type creatures are able to receive randomized level bonuses from ANY Elemental Sanctum. In addition, their Sanctums are able to give similar bonuses to ANY creature type inside of them!

Extra Goodies

Krafties Island – A Mysterious Transformation: Krafties Island is shifting and changing before our very eyes! Come check out some of the mysterious (and epic) new changes! What might be coming next?

A Trait Most Tender: Finally, the big reveal is here… A month ago a new trait popped up which has caused all sorts of theory and conjecture. Now that V5 is here, we can finally do the grand reveal: All creatures with the Tender trait are able to hatch eggs at a MASSIVELY increased rate!

Krafties Places: A new command has been added which is intended to help players be more social! While wearing your Krafties HUD type “/123 places” to get links to active Krafties locations, all ready to find new friends and be explored.

Giftlets: A fun new spawn is here for the birthday event! Cute little giftbox creatures are spawning for a short time, and when defeated they drop incredible rewards like Birthday Cake and Adventure Tokens!

Chat Spam Control: We’ve heard that some of the new features can get a bit “noisy” if you’re not actively playing, so we’ve added a handy “/123 chatspamoff” command to help! This command disables some of the more annoying, recurring messages the HUD might spit out while enjoying Krafties.

Sanctum Optimizations: Thanks to the help of players like you, Sanctum’s visual effects have been slightly reworked to be much more performant and cpu/gpu friendly. We will continue to monitor reports around the performance of all areas of the game, and address them accordingly!

Duration UI: After seeing confusion with the new Hatchable Egg mechanic, we went to the drawing board and whipped up something we think might help. Now, the equipment section of your Krafties app lists the duration associated with ANY equipped item, including your Hatchable Eggs!

A Small Note From Krafties

Boy oh boy, there certainly is a lot of scrambling going on! The kind of scrambling that means change and growth, and we’re excited to see that so many players have joined us to celebrate release of Krafties V5, the island’s transformation, and our birthday event. We’ve seen such a massive spike in activity, in fact, that coupled with the cost of running the new Adventures system, keeping our servers running, and paying for development costs we wanted to play it safe and accelerate the release of an upcoming bonded LE (classically our most popular products). Krafties V5 marks a fundamental turning point in Krafties approach to development, and we’re building out features that are bigger, better, and more expensive to build and run than ever before!

What does this mean? Well, first and foremost it means more fun for all of our players. You’ll see an accelerated release schedule for content, limited editions, and features, along with a LOT more product and marketing experimentation from Krafties. A fun little tidbit: V5 was tentatively slated to be released as “Krafties 2”, but Krafties Adventures was a little catchier. Still, we hope that that communicates the monumental shift that the game will be undertaking as more and more fun new things are built out. Many of our long time players know that the game hasn’t offered many official products over the years, instead relying on energy sales and limited edition creatures to carry the game forward. BUT, expect that to change! “Outfits” released for the birthday event, are one foray into an exciting product area. Over the next year, expect to see new in-world products, creature cosmetic enhancements, partnerships with other brands, us leveraging more of what Linden Labs offers in terms of exposure , and much more as Krafties puts in the work to expand and spread its footprint across the virtual world. Krafties is better than ever!

Most importantly of all, thank you for all of your continued support! HAVE FUN.

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