Sep 17

v5.173: A New Element, A New Species, and A New LE Launches Now! (Also, No More HTTPS Issues!)

  • A brand new Pollen soul is craftable using Tulips collected during Springtime, or plucked from Krafties Island for a limited time!
  • A new hedgehog-like species, Quilpit, has joined the fun alongside various spawn rate changes!
  • Limited Edition Shrub Quilpits with Pollen souls are available for a short time!
  • Krafties v5.173 officially releases today, and new Necessity Packs are being sent automatically when older versions are detected.
  • Stay tuned for a brand new, team-based contest popping up in the next week alongside other fun!

Limited Edition Shrub Quilpit!

The first of four flora inspired limited edition Quilpit coats, all based on new ‘environmental’ elemental types, is available now! Shrub coated Quilpits (pictured above) come pre-equipped with Pollen souls, matching affinity bodies, +5 for each natural stat, and three powerup slots. The vendor is near the landing point at Krafties Island and will only be available for two weeks, from now through October 1st. They are priced at L$2,000. Get them while they’re here!

Pollen Souls Can Now Be Crafted!

The environmental-class Pollen element comes with a series of completely brand new mechanics unlike any other in the world of Krafties!

The pollen element revolves around managing ‘Pollen’ levels – building up large amounts over time and using accumulated stores strategically. Pollen handlers may choose to spread pollen to buff friendlies in their area, or absorb pollen buildups for large spikes in strength! Offensively, pollen types utilize a live collection of parasitic sprouts to deal damage, but be careful! Each sprout comes with a price…

Crafting Requirements:

  • 1 Tulip (collected as loot during spring-time, or rarely plucked from Krafties Island over the next week)
  • 1 Soul Gem
  • 1 Plant type elemental pet linked to a crafting temple
  • 1 Water type elemental pet linked to a crafting temple
  • 1 Wind type elemental pet linked to a crafting temple
  • 500 Energy


* Alongside base auras, there are two additional, rare aura types which may be obtained when crafting Pollen souls!

* Pollen types require Necessity Pack v5.173 or greater in order to battle

Quilpit Joins The Fun, and Spawn Rates Are Changing!

Quilpit(Base)-Wild These hedgehog-like friends love cuddles, but… proceed with caution! While not the smartest of creatures, their prickly demeanor give Quipits an edge in combat. Quilpits can be captured in the wild using Capture Nets, or hatched from Hatchable Eggs! On top of that, spawn rates are being changed up! Expect to see some familiar faces alongside the new species!

* All Home Temples are currently undergoing rolling restarts to reflect these changes in-game

Krafties v5.173


IMPORTANT:Screenshot_41 If you have experienced Krafties loading issues in the past two months related to https in your browser, this new pack will fix apps for you!

This new version represents hundreds of man-hours worth of development effort intended to keep the Krafties experience running for all of our players, along with providing a more streamlined interface in a variety of areas. Check the important changes below, and keep an eye on the page at to stay up-to-date on known issues being tackled in development.

  • For those experiencing issues with Chrome and Brave browsers tied to https, v5.17 patches problems related to loading.
  • A new “convenience display” has been integrated into the HUD, allowing players to perform quick actions without having to open apps! Additionally, a minimize feature has been added to help players save valuable screen space when not actively carrying out Krafties activities.
  • The Crafting app interface has been DRASTICALLY improved! The clunky item dragging and dropping has been replaced with a simple menu listing *all* the things you’re able to craft. Simply select what you’d like to craft, how many, and… bam! Check it out:




New HUDs will be sent out automatically when older versions are detected, or can be grabbed from the central Energy Chest inside of the giant sanctuary at Krafties Island. Older 5.0 packs have not been deactivated and will be kept running for a time, but the new Pollen element will not function using any version older than v5.173.

We hope you enjoy the upgrades and new content! Have fun!

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