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Welcome to Krafties Wiki

Information icon4.png Be sure to check out the Community portal or the Special pages to see what needs to be fixed up

Krafties Community Wiki

Welcome to our COMMUNITY driven wiki. All contributed information/updates/images etc have been placed into the hands of our Krafties Adventurers. We will still periodically monitor contributions for editing purposes.

We would love it if you would join us because there's always room for improvement. Help us create, and improve our content! The wiki is open for all players to create an account to start editing the wiki, you do not need to have any prior experience with working on wikis to be a part of the team.

  • If you see outdated/incorrect information, then you can update it
  • If the page you searched for does not exist, then you can create it
  • If the information you see can be improved, then you can add to it
  • If you have images that can enhance the wiki, then you can upload it
  • If you have an idea for adjustments of a page, then you can create a discussion

Searching for Content

Simply try using the search (in the top right corner) and look for something you expect to be on the wiki. If the page does not exist then simply create it because if you searched for it then others might too. You can fill it with content or redirect it to the relevant page. This will improve our search.


The sidebar contains resources for those who wish to help with the wiki. We are still evolving as a game and as a wiki, help us grow. >Please view the Help page located in the sidebar for editing guidelines before you start. It contains tips and guidelines for this wiki. Think of it as the HUB for editors.

If you'd like to earn in game credits(energy), you can do so by contributing to our wiki! We have a constantly updated list of to do list items at Wiki Bounties, where players are rewarded for wiki changes and additions.

See also: Community portal

Multilingual Wiki

Are you excited? I am excited! We have plans to make the Krafties Wiki multilingual, meaning we'll want people to help us translate the content. But first we need to make the English content good because it will be the center. Help us prep the wiki for this new stage by improving existing English content.

If you have a good understanding of English and another language then please keep an eye out for the wiki, we will send out a notice to the Krafties Official group when the project starts.

Check out the News!

Ambox current red.png WHAAAAT?!?! YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED KRAFTIES SINCE NOV. 21 2014?

Players who have not played Krafties since November 21st of 2014, or have not kept up with the most recent updates will need to update their Krafties items . Please view Updating pre v4.0 Krafties for more information.

Featured Uploaded Images

The Creature Elements Gallery

About Krafties

Krafties is a full immersive fantasy pet MMORPG based in Second Life. The game involves an adventure where you catch your own species of pet called a Kraftie, and empower them with souls you have crafted. Once bonded, the creatures gain specialized battle and crafting skills which you can use to defeat wild creatures or other player owned Krafties.

There are no specific objectives of the game, as it is designed to allow players to choose their own goals while interacting with the creatures and other players. Players can train their Kraftie(s) to become dominant warriors, take on challenging quests and tasks, join guilds to earn rewards, or craft a wide variety of items and add-ons which can be resold to fellow players.

Krafties started development in January 2012 and is an open ended MMORPG which plans to extend to a web version and lots of updates in the future.

  • Krafties! Craft and battle your way to power.
  • Train and make your creatures strong to dominate all those who dare!
  • Battle strong NPC monsters/creatures alone or with friends for amazing loot drops!
  • Adventure in the wild to catch rare species of creatures!
  • Create and join Guilds for achievement rewards and other benefits!
  • Endure massive battles and tournaments with clans and friends- teams up to 10v10!
  • Enjoy a realm of quests and achievements and earn points to exchange for items!
  • Meet new friends and do co-operative tasks!
  • Craft items and add-ons to empower your creatures or resell to fellow adventurers!
  • Visit the Krafties sim to participate in various games/activities to earn experience and rewards!
  • Play interactive games in the newly released Krafties HUD!
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