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Pollen Element
Craftable Soul? Yes
PvP Elemental Enemies
Strong against ?
Weak against ?
  • Pollen element details coming!

First spotted 9/17/2023

Creature Gallery[edit]

  • Pets of the Pollen Element will have an aura around them, there are 2 special auras in addition to the base aura: firefly & cool sparkle.

Pollen Krafties Creatures[edit]

Aquatic Krafties[edit]

These coats are only available through fishing and the Fishing Center App in the Krafties HUD when viewing in web links.

Enchanted Creatures[edit]

Enchanted creatures are created instead of captured

Limited Creatures[edit]

Birthday Limited Creatures[edit]

These coats could only be captured during the Birthday Week Celebration.
The Pandaire(Frosting) coat was available during the 6th Birthday Celebration Week and the Vulpup(Frosting) during the 7th.
The Baloofle coat was available during the 7th birthday week celebration through birthday gifts. Like limited editions, they came with all 5 naturals, but came in both affinity and non-affinity.

Exotic Coats[edit]

Aquatic Exotic Coats[edit]

These special coats can be caught by fishing or through the fishing app in the tanks.

Limited Edition Adaptive Coats[edit]

These coats were available for a limited time on the main sim for 1000L$. As Adaptive Coats, they would adapt to the soul's affinity they are bonded with.

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