Krafties Community Standards

Last updated: May 25, 2020


The Krafties community welcomes people from all over the world. Our mission is to provide people with new and exciting content, build positive and friendly relationships amongst our community members, and promote a spirit of fun for everyone involved. Our goal is for our members to have a safe environment to enjoy all aspects of Krafties. To make sure we are able to deliver a positive experience, the following guidelines have been put in place. These standards, if not followed, could result in restrictions on your access to the service up to and including termination of your account.


Krafties allows users from across the globe to connect. The use of negative or demeaning language is disallowed from any member of our community. Similarly, behaviors which marginalize, defame, or disparage members or groups are forbidden and may result in a discontinuation of a user's access to the service and community.


Communicating or acting in an inappropriately rude, aggressive, disrespectful manner or causing disturbance or alarm is not permitted. This includes actions which may make community members feel unsafe, unwelcome, or otherwise detract from the enjoyment of another member’s experience while using the service.


Conversations between individual Krafties community members, as well as communications between our community members and Krafties Creators, Admins, and Moderator team members, are considered private. The sharing of such materials publicly or privately will result in a removal from the service.

You are not permitted to share personal information about other users of the service, in any form or via any method, without their consent — including, but not limited to, race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or location. With the exception of reporting abuse or any policy breach to Krafties, monitoring or sharing conversations is prohibited without the consent of a participant, including communications with Krafties and their representatives.

Disturbing The Peace

You will be held liable for any acts that you or your account are involved in. Any actions which interrupt or disturb the infrastructure, servers, or other Krafties-related systems are not tolerated in any manner whatsoever.

Public publishing of interpersonal conflicts or personal derogatory remarks is not allowed. This includes hostile or disruptive posts designed to incite angry responses or encourage other users to breach the terms and conditions of Krafties.

Warning, Suspension, Termination

In most cases a warning will result from a user's first violation of the Krafties Terms and Conditions and Community Standards. If further violations occur, the account(s) of the user will be revoked and subsequently terminated.