A new species has been sighted!


Fall has officially arrived, and with it comes some new friends. Vulpups have begun spawning! These adorable foxy creatures are venturing into our world, drawn by the warm, smiling faces here to greet them. Grab your net and get them while they’re hot!

To go along with these new wild creatures, you’ll find a vendor in front of the main store on Krafties Island with a limited edition Eclipse coated Vulpup! These unbonded, specially coated creatures (left side of image) are available for L$1,000 from now until September 9th. After this week, no more will be available! All Eclipse coated Vulpups have a +5 for each natural stat along with an Adaptive elemental affinity. Their elemental affinity will change and adjust to any elemental soul you bond it with!

To accompany these new additions, Krafties is changing in a big way. With the new season comes new, adjusted spawn rates! Some species are more suited for the colder weather we’re gearing up for, while others seem to be hanging back in the warmer parts of the Krafties Kingdom. The spawn rates will be in flux throughout the year, which should keep things fresh and fun!

These new creature spawn changes will be rippling through the system over the next few days. If you’d like to speed up the process you can give your home temples a rerez

Thank you all for supporting Krafties. Have fun!