InviterBoxBlogPicTwo new additions to the world of Krafties are here, Invitation Boxes, to replace Stone Rexies, and the new Market system!

Krafties Invitation Boxes can be placed anywhere, and they’ll invite new players to Krafties in lieu of you inviting them personally. All a potential player has to do is click the box! And don’t worry, you still get the invitation reward as if you invited them yourself. The inviter boxes slowly rotate, and have the included image plastered to the sides. These boxes will also give out copies of themselves, so anyone can grab a set. To get one, simply click a Krafties Invitation Box (like the one in the entrance of the shop on the main sim) and select “Get Inviter” from the drop-down menu. 

That brings us to our newest feature, the Krafties Market App! There’s a HUD update inside a new Necessity Pack (v4.045) available on the main sim, or you can have the new pack auto delivered to you by wearing an older version of the HUD. Located on the new HUD you’ll see this icon:


Clicking the icon opens the Krafties Market App, where you can search through bonded creatures, unbonded creatures, souls, and items that have been put up for sale by other players! The app allows you to search for specific species, elements, elemental affinities, or items and filter them by how recently they’ve been added or their prices. Not only does this new method allow you to easily find exactly what you’re looking for, but it allows you to view all of the relevant details of a product by simply clicking on it. If you like what you see, teleport to the package and buy it in-world!

To place items in the Market App, new bonded, unbonded, soul, and item packages are available on the main sim (v4.045). In order to use this new market feature you must be using one of the newer packages to package your goods, but older packages will still function if you don’t want to take advantage of the app. For your goods to show in the Market App, the package must be set for sale in the app itself, and the “Show In Krafties Market App” checkbox must be ticked. 

Along with the marketplace checkbox, the new packages come with a few powerful new features. You can modify the prices and the “Show in Krafties Market Search” setting after packaging, along with the ability to price items at fractions of an L$ per unit! These changes should make things MUCH simpler for both buyers and sellers alike!

We hope you all enjoy these additions, and look forward to many more surprises and features coming up in the near future. As always, have fun!