New arrival:

‘Tigris’ coated Maihai

Maihais with this fresh new coat are spawning now!


Retreating coat variation:

Bisected coated Fuffit

Fuffit creatures with Bisected coats have reportedly stopped spawning, retreating back into the Krafties Kingdom. No more can be obtained while they’re in hiding!


A Note From The Developer

Hey Guys, Kris here! Hope you’re all enjoying the influx of new content that Krafties has been releasing recently. I, for one, am very happy we’ve reached a point where this is possible. Due to this, some recent reflection, and a number of other factors I’ve decided that it’s time to lift the ‘beta’ tag from Krafties! In this world full of ‘early access’ titles it’s hard to figure out when a product becomes… a product. I think we’re there, and that we have been for quite a while now. Of course, there will always be bugs to fix and features to add, all the way to infinity, but that’s all a part of developing a product. So with that, Krafties has left the ‘beta’ phase and is now in ‘active development’.

Thank you all for supporting Krafties and getting us here!