Sep 23

Something To Fight For – Guild Challenges Arrive! (Also, All LEs Are Being Upgraded!)

  • The first official Krafties Guild Challenge is now running! Gather your guildmates and battle for prizes!
  • Our 1,000E Energy Sweepstakes is available to all players – just hit the bag!
  • All LEs (future AND past) will soon have 3 powerup slots!


Get those knuckles cracking!

Guild Challenge

The first of many week-long Guild Challenges is here! Krafties Island has been visited by a pair of mysterious… punching bags?? These bags are begging for a good walloping, and boy can they take a beating. They’ve journeyed from a far away place with one, singular mission: discover the strongest, most cleverest guild in all of Krafties. Assemble your beefiest fighters and pair them with a strategic array of support types to dominate the high score board. You just might claim one of the many piles of Guild Gifts for you and your teammates!

For this first challenge, there are no limits put in place to keep you from hitting the highest number you and your team are able to. We want to see you go nuts! 

guild-challenge-snapshotThere are punching bag stations set up on Krafties Island, ready to be attacked and cast upon exactly as you would a wild creature.  Your goal is to land the LARGEST, SINGLE hit possible by working together with your guildmates to create creative elemental compositions, buff yourselves, debuff the bags, and time your attacks correctly to maximize damage. As your hits land, you’ll see the scoreboards across the sim update to reflect your standing in real time!

Check out these marvelous prizes!


Additionally, the winning guild will officially “hold the crown” until the next Challenge commences. What does that mean? We’ll figure it out together!

Energy Sweepstakes

Worried you won’t be able to hit the top of the leaderboard? We totally understand, but don’t be shy! With the goal if giving everyone the sweet, cathartic release of unleashing elemental forces into a squishy virtual punching bag, the Energy Sweepstakes was born. Any player, whether in a guild or not, is able to hit the bag once every three hours for one entry in our sweepstakes giving away 1,000 Energy to TWO lucky players. Come on down to Krafties Island and give it a poke!

On another note…

LE Powerup Slots

We’ve heard this requested from a few of our community members now, and Krafties agrees: all LEs are being upgraded to have three powerup slots! Raising the number of powerup slots brings older LE’s, those that may not otherwise be able to compete in power with newer crafted souls, to a more competitive position. In general, this is an important mentality for us to embrace as Krafties continues to move forward.  Keeping your most rare creatures viable through any and every balance or progression changeup that might roll our way is a priority, and we hope this shows it!

* The work done to LEs will happen mid-week. Keep an eye on our group chat for updates! 


A Short Note From The Developer

To all who are reading, thank you so much for playing with and enjoying the weird and wacky thing Krafties creates. From the start, my goal with Krafties has been to build fun experiences that form meaningful connections. I sincerely hope that this new type of event does that, even if it might be in some small way. I know it can be turbulent at times, and change isn’t always comfortable, but we appreciate your continued support as Krafties works to ensure it’s able to keep doing what it set out to do.  

Also, I can’t wait to see what kind of fun things you guys come up with to beat up these bags! Have fun!

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Sep 17

v5.173: A New Element, A New Species, and A New LE Launches Now! (Also, No More HTTPS Issues!)

  • A brand new Pollen soul is craftable using Tulips collected during Springtime, or plucked from Krafties Island for a limited time!
  • A new hedgehog-like species, Quilpit, has joined the fun alongside various spawn rate changes!
  • Limited Edition Shrub Quilpits with Pollen souls are available for a short time!
  • Krafties v5.173 officially releases today, and new Necessity Packs are being sent automatically when older versions are detected.
  • Stay tuned for a brand new, team-based contest popping up in the next week alongside other fun!

Limited Edition Shrub Quilpit!

The first of four flora inspired limited edition Quilpit coats, all based on new ‘environmental’ elemental types, is available now! Shrub coated Quilpits (pictured above) come pre-equipped with Pollen souls, matching affinity bodies, +5 for each natural stat, and three powerup slots. The vendor is near the landing point at Krafties Island and will only be available for two weeks, from now through October 1st. They are priced at L$2,000. Get them while they’re here!

Pollen Souls Can Now Be Crafted!

The environmental-class Pollen element comes with a series of completely brand new mechanics unlike any other in the world of Krafties!

The pollen element revolves around managing ‘Pollen’ levels – building up large amounts over time and using accumulated stores strategically. Pollen handlers may choose to spread pollen to buff friendlies in their area, or absorb pollen buildups for large spikes in strength! Offensively, pollen types utilize a live collection of parasitic sprouts to deal damage, but be careful! Each sprout comes with a price…

Crafting Requirements:

  • 1 Tulip (collected as loot during spring-time, or rarely plucked from Krafties Island over the next week)
  • 1 Soul Gem
  • 1 Plant type elemental pet linked to a crafting temple
  • 1 Water type elemental pet linked to a crafting temple
  • 1 Wind type elemental pet linked to a crafting temple
  • 500 Energy


* Alongside base auras, there are two additional, rare aura types which may be obtained when crafting Pollen souls!

* Pollen types require Necessity Pack v5.173 or greater in order to battle

Quilpit Joins The Fun, and Spawn Rates Are Changing!

Quilpit(Base)-Wild These hedgehog-like friends love cuddles, but… proceed with caution! While not the smartest of creatures, their prickly demeanor give Quipits an edge in combat. Quilpits can be captured in the wild using Capture Nets, or hatched from Hatchable Eggs! On top of that, spawn rates are being changed up! Expect to see some familiar faces alongside the new species!

* All Home Temples are currently undergoing rolling restarts to reflect these changes in-game

Krafties v5.173


IMPORTANT:Screenshot_41 If you have experienced Krafties loading issues in the past two months related to https in your browser, this new pack will fix apps for you!

This new version represents hundreds of man-hours worth of development effort intended to keep the Krafties experience running for all of our players, along with providing a more streamlined interface in a variety of areas. Check the important changes below, and keep an eye on the page at to stay up-to-date on known issues being tackled in development.

  • For those experiencing issues with Chrome and Brave browsers tied to https, v5.17 patches problems related to loading.
  • A new “convenience display” has been integrated into the HUD, allowing players to perform quick actions without having to open apps! Additionally, a minimize feature has been added to help players save valuable screen space when not actively carrying out Krafties activities.
  • The Crafting app interface has been DRASTICALLY improved! The clunky item dragging and dropping has been replaced with a simple menu listing *all* the things you’re able to craft. Simply select what you’d like to craft, how many, and… bam! Check it out:




New HUDs will be sent out automatically when older versions are detected, or can be grabbed from the central Energy Chest inside of the giant sanctuary at Krafties Island. Older 5.0 packs have not been deactivated and will be kept running for a time, but the new Pollen element will not function using any version older than v5.173.

We hope you enjoy the upgrades and new content! Have fun!

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Aug 26

We’ve Spotted Something New On International Dog Day!

New arrival:

‘Dalmatian’ coated Vulpup

To celebrate International Dog Day, Dalmatian Vulpups have arrived!

Dalmatian coated Vulpups are able to be obtained via Home Temples and the Spinner for a SHORT time!

Other Notable Info

  • Dalmatian Vulpups have a rare chance of spawning from Home Temples, but can also be obtained through Dalmation Eggs in the spinner! Dalmatian Vulpup eggs have a base hatching time of one hour, but time can be decreased using the ‘Tender’ trait.
  • Be sure to check out our mini-questing event – Adventures In Scribbingham. Embark on quests starring your favorite characters from works of literature!
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Aug 21

The Awakening (ft. Auto Aggression + Trial Battle System Redesign!)

  • Birthday Mystery Eggs are hatching now! And… there’s a BIG surprise inside!
  • A new beta Necessity Pack (v5.1) is available on Krafties Island with a HUGE set of improvements and additions! These include aaun attachment and animation system rework, spell system memory expansions, fullbright creatures, and more!

‘m1-Blocket’ Initializing… Activating Giftwrap rendering mode… System ready!

The Awakening – Birthday Mystery Eggs Are Hatching Now!

INSTRUCTIONS: To hatch your eggs, simply equip them to your active creature. The eggs should hatch within a few minutes! NOTE: You MUST be using the new v5.1 Necessity Pack or m1-Blocket pets will not render correctly!

It’s time… Mystery Eggs are finally hatching, and there are… droids inside??? Giftwrap coated m1-Blocket pets with Adaptive elemental affinities to be exact!

That’s right! Krafties proudly presents the m1-Blocket, a state of the art revolution in companion technology. These new models come alive when bonded to elemental souls, much like existing unbonded creatures, but they possess a set of cutting-edge new technologies that are poised to bring about a paradigm shift in the world of Krafties.

The first of many droid-type creatures contains brand new battle code which fundamentally changes the way battles are conducted. While these new battle changes are currently only available for droids, the new system will eventually be unlocked for ALL battle pets in the world of Krafties. The proud owners of these new pets have exclusive access to test driving our new battle mechanics for a limited time! Let’s dive into the important parts.

Auto Aggression (Auto Aggro)

When handling a pet that has “auto aggro” enabled, players are able to simply walk into a group of creatures and wait 5-10 seconds. The player’s pet will begin automatically attacking the closest creature within a 5 meter range that is less than or equal to the overall level of the player’s pet. And… that’s it! It’s that simple to jump into battles with this new system. BUT, what ever will you do with all of those extra clicks you’re saving…?

Castable Spells Rework

Now that players are freed from the cumbersome monotony of repeatedly clicking on wild creatures they’d like to attack, they can do other things! While admittedly JUST the auto aggression system alone is a huge boon to things like new player experience, social activities, and participating in other areas of the game like fishing and mining while still gaining battle xp, we wanted to make it better. When players are *actively* battling, we’d like them to feel like they’re actively battling. And boy did we find a way! Remember all of those weak spells you’ve leveled out of? With this new battling system, EVERY spell that was formerly able to be set as an “active spell” can now be manually cast! This means that while actively battling, creatures can output more damage, and kill more wilds, if handled correctly. There’s also a new “cantrip” being played with, which may evolve into a series of what we’re calling “fidget spells” created with the purpose of making battles more engaging for players of all levels.

Some Caveats

There are a few things to keep in mind with the new system. The first thing you’ll notice is that captcha times are MUCH more frequent. We’re talking in the 10-15 minute range. This is intentional, and with the changes we believe that the tradeoff is very worthwhile, but as always feedback will be monitored and adjustments will be made. This is an important change not only to (hopefully) improve the quality of life for EVERY Krafties player, but also make it much, much more difficult for players to gain any unfair advantages using any auto battling systems *not* condoned by Krafties. Were evening the playing field for all players, while enabling our systems to combat botting in new ways that wouldn’t be viable without this change.


New Necessity Pack v5.1

This new pack is absolutely crammed full of upgrades. We’ll touch on it briefly here, but dive into the dev notes below if you want more thorough explanations!


By default creatures are now fullbright. This move to a slightly more cartoony aesthetic will allow us to increase the visual fidelity of what Krafties outputs in a huge way. For those of you who need time to get used to the new look, there are new Fullbright On/Off settings in the creature menus.

Attachment and Animation System Rework

This was promised when we sold our first outfits, and is now being delivered on. Attachments should be 100% synced with creature movements! Along with that, the entire animation system was gutted and put back together. While this will be a subtle improvement, a more measurable outcome is that the creatures should be about 4x more optimized in terms of script time usage!

Spell System Memory Expansion

This change should help prevent stack heap issues related to spells, while increasing the the number of spells we can have in one creature by up to 20x!


Read the dev notes below to find out more!


The Future

Screenshot_39As stated above, the m1-Blocket is the first pet that we’re classifying as a droid, but most certainly not the last! This change, along with some of the changes in the Necessity Pack, set Krafties up to diversify our content while (importantly) increasing the visual fidelity and overall quality of the products we’re outputting. Introducing new classes of pets gives us room to play with new types of items, new unlockables, and new customization options that wouldn’t be possible with the current class of pets. Our animation system, while difficult to map to organic movements, plays perfectly into robotic ones! Additionally, these droids also play handily into the story arc that is being slowly laid out. You’ll see a lot of new things, a lot of experimentation, and a lot of fun as we move forward into the future!

Have fun!


A Note From The Developer

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Jul 27

Scrambling To Keep Up With All Of The Fun! (A New Limited Edition Creature)

  • Frogspot coated Rexies are hatching from eggs!
  • A new limited edition bonded creature has arrived: Scramble Rexies! Additionally, ALL Scramble type creatures have discovered new synergistic abilities tied to Elemenal Sanctums!
  • Check out some of the cool new features and fixes we’ve already added to v5!

Point the camera right at the sun!

Frogspot Coated Rexies

Rexies have joined the fun over in Frogtopia! By popular demand, Frogspot Rexies can now be hatched from Frogspot type eggs. And, for all of our egg lovers, be sure to read the note below about the mysterious Tender trait to help step up your egg game!

Limited Edition Scramble Rexies

These rexies have a special Scramble Soul with an exciting scrambled mechanic, and all have matching affinity bodies. Each rexie will have a +5 for each natural stat, but that’s about the only thing they are likely to have in common! These elemental souls combine aspects from several elemental types: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Volcanic, Lightning, Sand, Plant, Steam and Ice! Every scramble soul is unique, unlocking random spells from multiple types. The vendor is near the landing point at Krafties Island, and will only be available for two weeks from now through August 9th. They are priced at L$2,000. Get them while they’re here!

Additionally, ALL Scramble types have received the following benefit:

Scramble type creatures are able to receive randomized level bonuses from ANY Elemental Sanctum. In addition, their Sanctums are able to give similar bonuses to ANY creature type inside of them!

Extra Goodies

Krafties Island – A Mysterious Transformation: Krafties Island is shifting and changing before our very eyes! Come check out some of the mysterious (and epic) new changes! What might be coming next?

A Trait Most Tender: Finally, the big reveal is here… A month ago a new trait popped up which has caused all sorts of theory and conjecture. Now that V5 is here, we can finally do the grand reveal: All creatures with the Tender trait are able to hatch eggs at a MASSIVELY increased rate!

Krafties Places: A new command has been added which is intended to help players be more social! While wearing your Krafties HUD type “/123 places” to get links to active Krafties locations, all ready to find new friends and be explored.

Giftlets: A fun new spawn is here for the birthday event! Cute little giftbox creatures are spawning for a short time, and when defeated they drop incredible rewards like Birthday Cake and Adventure Tokens!

Chat Spam Control: We’ve heard that some of the new features can get a bit “noisy” if you’re not actively playing, so we’ve added a handy “/123 chatspamoff” command to help! This command disables some of the more annoying, recurring messages the HUD might spit out while enjoying Krafties.

Sanctum Optimizations: Thanks to the help of players like you, Sanctum’s visual effects have been slightly reworked to be much more performant and cpu/gpu friendly. We will continue to monitor reports around the performance of all areas of the game, and address them accordingly!

Duration UI: After seeing confusion with the new Hatchable Egg mechanic, we went to the drawing board and whipped up something we think might help. Now, the equipment section of your Krafties app lists the duration associated with ANY equipped item, including your Hatchable Eggs!

A Small Note From Krafties

Boy oh boy, there certainly is a lot of scrambling going on! The kind of scrambling that means change and growth, and we’re excited to see that so many players have joined us to celebrate release of Krafties V5, the island’s transformation, and our birthday event. We’ve seen such a massive spike in activity, in fact, that coupled with the cost of running the new Adventures system, keeping our servers running, and paying for development costs we wanted to play it safe and accelerate the release of an upcoming bonded LE (classically our most popular products). Krafties V5 marks a fundamental turning point in Krafties approach to development, and we’re building out features that are bigger, better, and more expensive to build and run than ever before!

What does this mean? Well, first and foremost it means more fun for all of our players. You’ll see an accelerated release schedule for content, limited editions, and features, along with a LOT more product and marketing experimentation from Krafties. A fun little tidbit: V5 was tentatively slated to be released as “Krafties 2”, but Krafties Adventures was a little catchier. Still, we hope that that communicates the monumental shift that the game will be undertaking as more and more fun new things are built out. Many of our long time players know that the game hasn’t offered many official products over the years, instead relying on energy sales and limited edition creatures to carry the game forward. BUT, expect that to change! “Outfits” released for the birthday event, are one foray into an exciting product area. Over the next year, expect to see new in-world products, creature cosmetic enhancements, partnerships with other brands, us leveraging more of what Linden Labs offers in terms of exposure , and much more as Krafties puts in the work to expand and spread its footprint across the virtual world. Krafties is better than ever!

Most importantly of all, thank you for all of your continued support! HAVE FUN.

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Jul 22

The Largest Event In Krafties History Kicks Off… Now!

  • Krafties V5 has officially released today, our biggest update yet! So big, in fact, that we couldn’t fit it into the blog… Check out the announcement page at!
  • Krafties first OFFICIAL OUTFITS are available now, with a massive Attachment System rework coming up soon! Dress your creatures in dapper tuxedos!
  • Mysterious, limited edition ‘Birthday Mystery Eggs’ are on sale for a short time! There’s an LE inside!
  • Birthday Balloons are on sale for a short time! 
  • Birthday Cakes are dropping as loot!
  • A present bestowing birthday gift box is giving away prizes like capsules with 5,000 energy, Birthday Cakes, Membership Vouchers, Birthday Balloons, and more! 

We’re upgrading our style with this GINORMOUS event in the world of Krafties, and now you can too!

The V5 Update: Krafties Adventures!



Over a year’s worth of development later, we’re excited to bring you the next big milestone for Krafties! This update introduces and changes A LOT, while setting the stage for a cavalcade of upcoming improvements all across the game. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Brand New Outfits!

KraftiesTuxedoRenderAlphaBackgroundJoin us in our first foray into cosmetic addons for your creatures, making them EVEN MORE ADORABLE! Tuxedo outfits for Rexies, Hopsters, Felions, and Penglins are available for 250L$ on Krafties Island now! As this is our first time experimenting with anything resembling officially supported attachments, we’re excited for what the future of this could look like and will be closely monitoring feedback from players. If received well, we’ll be looking into making outfits available as purchases in our apps, via both L$ AND KraftieCoins. Additionally, we’d like to replace the outfit items in your Krafties Inventory with a sleek new interface for managing all of your Krafties Outfit needs! For now, take our baby steps alongside us and let us know what you think!

To go along with this exciting new development, we’re looking at the Attachment System in a brand new light. Currently, attachments on creatures are managed via two separate scripts, and at times things can get out of sync for brief periods. This can cause strange visual effects that we thought were unavoidable up until now. HOWEVER, with some new functions provided by LL, along with curious and clever minds that have seen hats float above our creatures’ heads one too many times, we have a plan! While not ready yet, expect to see some improvements in the quality of our animation and attachment systems soon. Possible areas that will be tackled include syncing creature movements, along with expanding the number of attachments creatures have available.

NOTE: A patch is available on Krafties Island with Necessity Pack v5.01, which makes creature attachments handle attachment data better in a small way. THIS IS ONLY A TINY CHANGE WHICH MAKES THE ATTACHMENT SYSTEM SLIGHTLY BETTER. This is unrelated to the Attachment System rework mentioned above.

NOTE: When activated, Krafties Outfits replace any attachments currently on your active bonded creature. These outfits are NOT designed for creatures with the LegacyBalanced ascension type!

2023 Birthday Mystery Eggs


We know you want an LE, and we want to give you one! BUT, there’s TOO MUCH packed into this one event, so we’ve hatched up something of a plan. Tied into a new mechanic introduced in v5 (check it out above!), these eggs hold something very special. In exactly one month from Celebration Day, these eggs hatch into a LIMITED EDITION Unbonded Creature! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join in on the Hatching Day fun!

These special items are only available throughout the birthday week, and Krafties will never sell them again.

Birthday Balloons

BirthdayBalloonsBirthday Balloons! are here for the week-long celebration! These special, limited items are a more affordable way to purchase flash events for yourself and all your friends! When activated, these items float high into the sky signaling the beginning of a random, game-wide event. You can purchase Birthday Balloons either from the Shopping App or on Krafties Island. They’re only on sale through July 30th!

Birthday Cake

KraftiesBirthdayCakeBirthday Cake! Throughout the birthday week cake is dropping from wilds as loot. When eaten, Birthday Cake grants double crafting xp from item and soul crafts for 30 minutes. It’s a great way to share the birthday spirit with a big group of Krafties friends, so be sure to stock up while you can!

Birthday Presents


Presents! Thanks to the amazing Trinity Voir birthday presents are back! Every 30 minutes, players on Krafties Island who click our gift giver have a chance at winning up to 5,000 EnergyOther prizes include Gold Membership Vouchers, Birthday Balloons, Birthday Cakes, and so much more! Who doesn’t like free stuff?? Come and get it!

Have fun!

A Note From The Developer

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Jul 15

2023 Summer Sale! Alongside a SOFT System Upgrade

  • There’s a summer sale on Energy! For a limited time, players can save 15% on Energy purchases!
  • Krafties v5.0 is SOFT releasing! Players are being delivered new “Krafties Necessity Pack v5.0” items when wearing their older Krafties attachments right now. Expect the FULL system upgrade, along with new content and features, next week!

Hey there, Krafties players! We’ve got some fantastic news and exciting updates to share with you today. So, grab your favorite drink, sit back, and let’s dive into what’s happening in the world of Krafties!

Summer Sale Alert! 🌞 Save 15% on Energy Purchases!

Get ready to power up your Krafties experience with our limited-time Energy Sale! Starting now, for a short period through July 21st, you can save a whopping 15% on Energy purchases. Whether you need that extra boost for exploring, crafting, enchanting, or stocking up for exciting upcoming features now is the perfect time to grab some Energy and make the most out of your game time!

💥 Save 15% – Limited Time Offer! ⏳

  • Pay 85L$ for 100 Energy
  • Pay 850L$ for 1,000 Energy
  • Pay 8,500L$ for 10,000 Energy

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your gameplay and take your Krafties adventures to new heights. Grab those discounted Energy packs now and let the summer fun begin!

Introducing Krafties Necessity Pack v5.0: Soft Release 🚀

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and we’re thrilled to announce the soft release of Krafties Necessity Pack v5.0! This major update brings a range of exciting changes and enhancements to the game, paving the way for a whole new level of exploration and enjoyment. You can see more information about this update from our beta test announcements (previously tested as v4.5) here and here. Let’s delve into what you can expect from this update:

  1. Legacy Mode: For our long-time players, we understand the love and familiarity you have for the current HUD, so we’ve made it easy for you to switch to “Legacy Mode”. From the settings menu of your new HUDs, simply select “Legacy Mode” to make the new HUD function similarly to what you’re accustomed to. This way, you can continue your adventures with a sense of familiarity while still benefiting from some of the the new internal system features. NOTE: We still recommend getting used to the new app system ASAP!
  2. Unleashing Exciting Future Features: The v5.0 update lays the foundation for thrilling new features, many of which are being tailored to our high-level players. Get ready for a wave of content that will take your gameplay experience to the next level and provide fresh challenges and rewards. You’ll see a lot of special additions related to long-time, high-level players, in the coming months! 
  3. Unlocking “On-Hold” Content: We’ve had some exciting content sitting in the wings just waiting for this update to be released. By ensuring that all players are running the new system, we can finally release the much-anticipated… stuff! An example of an internally highly anticipated content addition is the “Spring” seasonal soul. Special loot has been dropping related to this upcoming content throughout spring which our players will (soon) finally be able to put to use! After the dust from our big birthday bash has settled, expect to see us kick up even more dust with a slew of content we’re excited to get out to you!

A Note From The Developer 💙

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Jun 14

Beta v4.51 – As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Head on over to Krafties Island to grab the latest Necessity Pack, version 4.51!

BETA HUD 2022 Blog Snapshot_004

A new Beta Necessity Pack is available, jam packed full of fixes and improvements based on player feedback! Some of the most notable changes are:

  • AI Powered AssistanceSimply say “/123 ANYTHING” in local chat, and our AI assistant can help find the answers to your most pressing Krafties related questions! This is just the tip of the iceberg with all the AI fun you’ll be encountering in the near future, so look out for some exciting upcoming features and content additions once this new version is officially released.
  • App UX/UI ImprovementsThe new app system has been meticulously worked on to iron out issues found by players, reconfigured to make things more user-friendly, and generally provides a better user experience in a variety of ways.
  • App Aspect RatiosBy popular demand, apps can now be opened in square or portrait orientations, along with the default landscape orientation. This gives players more freedom to configure their screen layouts in ways that work best for them!
  • Legacy AppsHUDs can now be set to load our legacy apps by default. While these apps won’t be supported forever, we know it’s a helpful tool for long-time players still getting accustomed to the new apps.
  • Stability, Speed, and Resource UsageTo go along with our app UI improvements, the technical side of our apps and infrastructure have been revamped to optimize and streamline player experience.
  • Secret New HUD FunctionsPreparing for the future, some fun new abilities have been integrated into our in-world systems in anticipation for yet to be released content!

If you’ve been using the v4.5 beta pack to play Krafties recently, you may have noticed some interesting things being made available for short periods as we test new concepts to see how they are received. Beta testers have caught glimpses of logbooks to help collectors track their pets, the ability to synthesize creatures together to create more powerful pets, creatures digging through mysterious dimensions as players explore the world, grid-wide treasure hunts, AI powered quests, and more.

Since the release of the initial v4.5 beta AI has grown in leaps and bounds, and Krafties has had a lot of fun experimenting with how it can be used to build features and enhance development. Once we’re able to officially move to this new version, players will see a wide assortment of additions, along with new season based content that simply isn’t possible to deliver without some of these systems. We’re eager to collect feedback and make final touches!

If you’d like a full breakdown of notable changes in v4.51, read on!

v4.51 Changelog

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May 27

Shifting Seasons and Limitless Possibilities!

  • The shift from cold to warm seasons brings new creature spawn rates and the return of some beloved species and coats!
  • Crafting temple cooldowns have been removed for ALL players!

We’re back with some exciting updates to make your journey in the world of Krafties even more enjoyable. Let’s dive right in!

Crafting Temple Cooldowns Removed

After careful consideration, Krafties has eliminated Crafting Temple cooldowns for ALL players! Say goodbye to a frustrating delay that used to interrupt crafting sessions. Our goal is to create a seamless experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of Krafties, and an unnecessary cooldown wasn’t fun for anyone. This change is particularly fantastic for newer players who are just starting their journey and are eager to explore the crafting ecosystem without any unnecessary hindrances.

With this change, we aim to eliminate unnecessary barriers and make it easier for all players to immerse themselves in the crafting activities they love, and we will continue to revisit and redesign areas of the game that may be too clunky, slow, or cumbersome. While this was a benefit for Gold Members previously, members still receive significant perks such as a 25% discount on all crafts and a monthly stipend of 1,500 Energy which alone covers the value of a membership!

Seasonal Shifts and Returning Species and Coats

As the seasons change from cold to warm, the world of Krafties undergoes a delightful transformation. Along with the refreshing shift, we’ve adjusted creature spawn rates to bring you new and exciting gameplay. But that’s not all! We’re happy to announce the return of some beloved creatures that took a break during the colder season. Collect all the species and coats you might be missing while the weather permits! Who knows what the future holds…

Have fun!

A Small Note From The Developer

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May 08

Fancy Worms and Pinata Fillers!

  • The Flash Fiesta weekend is extending one more day – all the way through Monday!
  • New Fancy Worm items have appeared to aid in fishing, and Pinata Tricornixx are digging them up for a short time!
  • ALL Pinata type creatures have learned two new abilities: looting Radioactive Candies and sniffing out candy fish!

Fancy Worms

FancyWormFirst there were worms, then there were… Fancy Worms! If you thought fish went crazy for your regular ol’ boring worms just wait until you see how they react to these fancy new additions.

NOTE: When fishing, Fancy Worms will always be used first as bait if they are in your inventory

When using fancy worms as bait, rarer fish will be attracted to your line. That’s a krafties guarantee! However, this new bait type is much harder to come by than the more common bait you’ve been using up until now, which brings us to…

Stuffing Pinatas!

While you’ve been enjoying the festivities this weekend, Krafties has been hard at work making Pinata type creatures the ultimate party animals! They’ve been bestowed with a few fun new abilities:

  • When battling, all pinata type creatures have a chance to obtain Radioactive Candy as loot!
  • When fishing, all pinata type creature have the ability to attract the three types of candy fish to their handler’s lines!

Along with that, our brand new Pinata Tricornixx friends have a very special new temporary skill, allowing them to obtain Fancy Worms as loot for a limited time! For the next few weeks (and maybe longer) these new pets will have a very special place in the world of Krafties. After that, Fancy Worms will be added to the tackle shop and may make their way into other areas of the game as we balance and see how they are received.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the celebration so far, and continue to have fun!

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