Jun 04

Coats, Codices, Manuscripts And More!

KraftiesCoatsBlogImageCreatures with exotic coats have been reported over the past week, with new variations appearing all the while! These coats offer an exciting new look to the species you already know and love. After capturing these newcomers, their markings stay put throughout the elemental soul bonding process, taking on differing color combinations and patterns depending on the element/coat combination. Time to find your favorite! New coats will be added as frequently as they can be made, but more on that later! Onto the next exciting addition…

Scrolls can now be crafted into manuscripts and codices! Due to the inundation of requests  we’ve received that we minimize the amount of clicking you guys have to do when using scrolls, these new items have been born. Crafting together ten scrolls of any type will result in one manuscript of that type, and in turn crafting together ten of those manuscripts results in one codex. Not only do these new items give massive crafting experience when created, crafting scrolls together in this way results in a net boost to the amount of mental experience doled out as well! You will, however, have to have a creature with crafting level 10 to create manuscripts, and a crafting level of 25 to create codices.

We’re incredibly happy with these new milestones, and we hope you are too! Coats in particular are a HUGE undertaking, which is one reason we’ve waited this long to bring them to you guys. Even with some workflow changes and new custom tools created to help in making the textures, we’re still dealing with (on average) seven textures that have to be made per species, per element, per coat. As we add more elements, species, and coats you can see how this is going to grow, and exponentially at that! We’re currently looking at almost 4,000 textures that make up our lovable Krafties, and that number is going to go up quickly. Sound daunting? We’re definitely up to the challenge, but we need your help to do it! An app is currently being developed that will allow our player base to submit, vet, and fund new coat ideas. This will not only give you guys the ability to directly influence the game, but also allow us to pump out new content for you guys faster than ever. Be on the lookout!

So get out there and catch, craft, and battle! And most importantly, have fun!

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May 20


TricornixxBlogImageTricornixx are here! These wild, mystic type creatures peacefully wander all across the Krafties realm. They form small herds, spending most of their day grazing, galloping, and frolicking across plains and plateaus in their tight knit groups. These normally peaceful creatures won’t run from a fight, however. Their fierce pride and bravery is matched only by their strength and stamina. A handler should be wary lest they make an enemy of a nearby herd.

Tricornixx should begin spawning after home temples have been re-rezzed, or within 24 hours of this blog post!

This creature design was submitted to us by Krafties player and friend Mogull! Not only did Mogull include the awesome name for the species alongside a great description, but he also added some wonderful art: Tricornix

The art was so inspiring, in fact, that we decided to get this creature out there for all of you to enjoy right away! A HUGE thank you goes out to Mogull. Players will be able to view some more of his art in the voting app shortly. We’re excited to see more from you Mogull!

To all our Krafties players, thank you for the many awesome idea submissions we’ve received. It helps us a lot, and the passion you show is just the motivation we need to keep churning out new things for you guys. For those of you who don’t know, we have idea submissions at http://krafties.ideascale.com, and you can submit your creature concepts in front of the energy chest!

We’d also like to note that a more realistic creature head movement feature has recently been added to the game, breathing new life into your Krafties. Features like this are always rolling out, so keep your eyes peeled for even more neat things coming up!

Enjoy the new addition, and have fun!

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Apr 23

Necessity Pack v4.1 Is Now Available!

There’s a brand new necessity pack release, and it brings some very exciting new features to Krafties!

First, the new HUD will now display when there’s a flash event going on without needing to open an app. Whenever a flash event is happening, your HUD will display a lightning bolt over the Krafties logo. Hopefully this change makes your lives a little easier!

Now, onto the main events! (Please note that these next features are currently in ALPHA, so players may experience a few minor bugs)

CharacterPlayerProfileBlogPicKrafties characters! In your player profile, you’ll now see your player contact card. Currently this consists of your username and a “selfie” of your Krafties character. What is this character business, you ask? Click the square on the left hand side of your card and you’ll see! This opens up the character creation tools, where you can create a representation of yourself out of a myriad of different body part/accessory styles and colors. We suggest using either the “Random Male” or “Random Female” option until you get something close to what you’re wanting, then customizing from there!


And now, the second spectacular addition: Krafties friends! In the home app you’ll notice a brand new section. Clicking the Friends button will open up a window where you are able to send out friendship invitations, check to see if you’ve received any invitations, view a list of your current friends (where you can view their characters, their profiles, send them private messages, or remove them), and see a list of all your friends’ recent activities in Krafties! Your friends list will also show up when you go to transfer Bondeds, Unbondeds, Souls or Items from your HUD, so you can quickly choose someone from your friends list instead of typing their full name.


We’re extremely excited about these new additions because they represent a huge step for Krafties as a game. Expect to see lots more things to do with both your characters and your friends in the near future!

As a final note, today is the last day to purchase the limited edition Easter Fooflie available on the main sim so get them while they’re here!

Thank you all for supporting Krafties. Have fun!

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Apr 16

Surprise Eggs And Limited Edition Easter Fooflies!

Surprise Eggs!

Wild krafties seem to be carrying… Surprise Eggs? These fragile, magical objects give a special random gift when cracked open! They’re only dropping for a limited time though, so players may want to start collecting them while they’re here. Surprise Eggs will only be around for a week, so get crackin’!

And in other news… the next limited edition Kraftie is here! 


These adorable bunnies use vibrantly colored eggs and other fun treats to deal heavy damage, and take down even the toughest enemies! They’re only available for a limited time though, so get them while they’re here!

Each Fooflie will have a +5 for each natural stat, and all will be level 1. They have a special Easter Soul complete with unique spells not found on any other type, and all have matching affinity bodies. The vendor is in front of the main store, and will only be available from April 15th until April 22nd. They are priced at L$2,000.

Thank you all for supporting Krafties, have fun!

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Feb 12

Limited Edition Valentine Stufflies!


The next limited edition Kraftie is here! 

These adorable teddy bears use tough love, alongside a special party boosting AoE spell and some other special magic, to take down their opponents! They’re only available for a limited time though, so get them while they’re here!

Each Stufflie will have a +5 for each natural stat, and all will be level 1. They have a special Valentine Soul complete with unique spells not found on any other type, and all have matching affinity bodies. The vendor is available in front of the main store, and will only be available from February 12th until February 19th. They are priced at L$2,000.

Thank you all for supporting Krafties, have fun!

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Jan 14

Black Cat Weekend Event!


Those rascally black cats are back! Friday the 13th has attracted these spooky little critters once more, and it’s up to you to do something about it! The kitties will be spawning from Friday all the way until the end of Sunday. While they seem to refuse to be captured, they do drop VERY interesting loot when defeated.

Have fun!

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Jan 01

New Year Babies!

KraftiesLogoHappyNewYearWe wish you a very happy New Year from all of us here at Krafties! To celebrate the occasion, all creatures captured or obtained from gifts will have a brand new rare trait type: New Year Baby! This trait gives the creature a special, very useful spell. This event will last until the end of January 1st.

We have lots of new things in store this upcoming year, and we think it’ll be the best one yet! Thank you all for seeing us through to another year. Have fun!

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Dec 20

Gingerbread Stufflie And Toys For Tots!


The next limited edition Kraftie has arrived! This year the sweetness continues with the Gingerbread Stufflie! This delectable teddy has been baked to perfection, with a heaping helping of love and a dash of fierceness.

Every Gingerbread Stufflie will have a +5 for each nat stat, and all will be level 1. They have a special, unique Gingerbread Soul complete with unique spells not found on any other type, and all have matching affinity bodies. The vendor is available in front of the main store, and will only be available for one week from December 19th until December 26th. They are priced at L$2,000, and half of all purchases will be donated to Toys For Tots!

Thank you all for supporting Krafties, have fun!

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Dec 10

Munkles, And A Super Flash Event Weekend!

MunkleBlogImageThe next species, submitted and voted on by players like you, has arrived. Adorable monkey like creatures have entered our world! Strong and very intelligent, Munkles have been known to craft and use primitive tools to aid them in everyday tasks. They form strong bonds with others of their species and gather together in groups in the wild, but when bonded to a handler this loyalty passes on to their human counterpart tenfold!

In order to see the Munkles spawning, either re-rez your home temples or wait 24 hours.

Munkles are here to stay, and other newcomers just may be joining them very soon. We at Krafties hope you enjoy the new creatures and features, and to celebrate we’re holding a Super Flash Event Weekend! From now until the end of weekend there will be constant, random flash events happening. Even we can’t predict what the future holds, but there will ALWAYS be some sort of special boost or event going on that you can see by simply opening one of the apps on the HUD.

Thank you for enjoying Krafties, and have fun!

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Nov 26

HUD Update v4.05

KraftiesHUDv405BlogImageThere is a new HUD update available, which brings some very nice changes/additions. Krafties Necessity Pack v4.05 is available on the main sim, and will be auto delivered to players who wear an older version of the HUD. The new pack includes the v4.05 HUD update.

What new goodies does this update include? The main changes are: the removal of the icons on the HUD (which have been replaced with a single “Open App” button), the addition of “Single Window Mode”, a “Reset” button built into the HUD, and an “Official Products” section in the Shopping App. Let’s give a rundown of each of these new features.

The cartoony picture icons are gone from the HUD! Now when you want to open an app, simply click the “Open App” button, then in the resulting screen you’ll be able to choose exactly which app you’d like to load. Also keep in mind that from those apps you can directly switch to a new app using the “Change App” feature in the bottom-left corner of the window.

Along with the simplified app opening, we’ve also simplified the window interaction on the HUD. Now the HUD defaults to “Single Window” mode when it’s worn. This mode means that only one app window can be opened at a time, but after the first app is loaded, all other apps should load MUCH faster. We’re talking a VERY LOT faster! This should also simplify things for new players. However, we know some of you veterans like to have a bunch of things going on at once (not to mention you shop traders!), and so for you guys we’ve added a new button in the main menu. Click the Krafties logo on the HUD to access the menu, then click “Multi Window” to make the HUD behave in the old style, where multiple app windows will open on the screen at once. Please note that when “Multi Window” mode is enabled you will not get the benefit of the speedy loading times. And if something does go wrong, the new “Reset” feature in the main menu should help things!

ShoppingAppOfficialProductsBlogImageLast but not least, we have the “Official Products” section in the Shopping App. Here players can purchase Krafties Official items such as Energy, Memberships, Nets, Temples, Rocks, and more to come! This new feature allows players to get their goodies without having to make the long journey over to Krafties Island.

Hope you all enjoy the new changes, have fun!

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