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Play the #1 MMORPG in Second Life, completely free!

What is Krafties?

Krafties is an in-depth, completely FREE, MMORPG played all across the virtual world of Second Life.

In the game, players craft elemental souls which bond to mysterious, adorable creatures encountered throughout the world. Empower and level up different creatures to dominate the universe of Krafties! Craft and battle your way to power and glory!

Krafties is structured as an open-ended adventure, and players are able to engage in a wide variety of activities. Whether you want a laid back collecting experience, fun social activities, intense nail-biting battles, or exploration across an expansive backlog of content, there’s something for everyone! Catching, training, battling, fishing, mining, exploring, shopping, creating add-ons, and so much more!

Krafties is seamlessly integrated into the Second Life platform, with features intended to enhance your experience. Our system functions in any location you might encounter while traveling the virtual world!


In the world of Krafties, you will:

  • Collect Legendary Creatures!

    Travel the world defeating monsters, collecting pets, and trading them on a robust secondary market!

  • Train and battle

    Train your creatures to battle alongside friends and guilds. Battles can go up to 10 vs 10!

  • Adventure

    Adventure in the wild to catch new and rare species of creatures!

  • Ascend

    Watch your creatures ascend into powerful partners!

  • Unlock New Items

    Unlock new craftable items and creatures as you advance in the Krafties kingdom!

  • Make New Friends

    Meet new friends and do co-oporative tasks, like crafts or battles!

  • Find Your Place In a Guild

    Create and Join guilds for experience and other benefits!

  • Explore a New Realm

    Enjoy an exciting realm of creatures and content!

  • Collect Rare Loot

    Battle strong NPC creatures alone or with friends for rare loot drops!

  • Craft and Trade Items

    Craft items and addons to empower your creatures, or resell your creations to fellow adventurers!

  • Resell Everything!

    All creatures and creations are resellable!


  • Battles

  • Legendary Trainers

    Most powerful handlers ranked by experience.


    Adian Beaumont

    10,885,413 exp


    9,733,885 exp


    8,654,826 exp

    Eternity Core

    7,532,998 exp

    Tolsen Decycla

    6,117,873 exp

    Connor Rewell

    5,535,786 exp

    Caine Littlepaws

    4,678,558 exp


    4,106,866 exp

    This Week

    Eternity Core

    36,286,241 exp

    Adian Beaumont

    32,655,074 exp

    Connor Rewell

    24,514,952 exp


    24,170,629 exp


    17,580,660 exp

    Tolsen Decycla

    14,906,330 exp


    13,767,957 exp

    KLEO Nebula

    11,826,388 exp

    This Month

    Eternity Core

    625,243,676 exp

    Adian Beaumont

    455,968,173 exp

    Connor Rewell

    417,888,378 exp


    399,739,036 exp


    337,894,717 exp

    Dale Kidd

    276,515,669 exp

    TINA Wyx

    250,063,830 exp


    203,820,062 exp

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