The Beginning

Magic? That's what we had called it at first. Now that we've known them for longer we're not sure what we've gotten into...

It all started one night with no stars, no moon. There was, however, a faint glow that filled the entire sky. I stared out of my window at this shifting aurora for a few moments before I heard an explosion coming from somewhere in the forest, almost too distant to hear. As I began to make my way toward the source of the noise I couldn't help but notice that the sky was becoming brighter and brighter. A bit too bright for comfort. I had finally reached a point where I didn't think my eyes could bear the intensity any longer, when one step further....

Everything switched off. With the blinding light replaced by darkness I stumbled forward a few clumsy steps before I found something to steady myself on. I ran my hand across the cold smooth surface until I felt a sort of handle. As I pulled outward I could see an ambient glow emanating from the cracks of the door I had accidentally found. I gave it one hard tug and it flew open, revealing that the smooth structure I had run into was in fact a large pyramid; some sort of ancient looking temple.

Hesitating briefly, I gathered all of my courage and forced myself to venture further. I had traveled all this way and knew I would regret turning back after coming so far into something so strange, something so new and exciting. I stepped into the temple and immediately noticed that the room had an atmosphere unlike anything I had ever felt. The interior was completely bare except for a stone pool that jutted from the floor directly in front of me. I approached it slowly and cautiously, not knowing what to expect. As I peered into the swirling, glowing pool a booming voice erupted from the swirls, from the walls, from the very air around me.

"Welcome newcomer. The paths of destiny have been kind to you today."

I started and then fell backwards, paralyzed with shock.

"Do not waste your fear on me, novice handler. For every wonder you encounter there will be a peril to match."

As the initial shock began to wear off the words became more and more clear. But what did they mean? And what WAS this voice? I took in all of my surroundings once more but still couldn't make out anything notable except for the swirling pool in the center of the room.

"I see you have many questions, but I have few answers for you. I can only tell you what you must know. Since the beginning of time energy has manifested in many ways; kinetic motion, heat, electricity... Mankind has slowly harnessed each of these energies, mastering them and utilizing them for specific purposes when the need arises. Today has long been foreseen by the mystics of the past. A day when the four Kaelos planets meet. The day that a new, powerful form of energy is released into the universe. The ancients managed to create tools and methods designed to harness and control this ever evolving energy. Tools and methods that you will soon possess, if you are willing. Are you willing young handler?"

I paused for what seemed like an eternity. Then, a sound escaped my lips in an almost unrecognizable whisper, "Ye.. yes. I mean... I.. I think so..."

"And so it shall be..."

As the final words resounded from the walls the pool of energy exploded with a blinding light. But this light... I could feel it pressing against my body, pressing against every part of my being. As it slowly began to fade my eyes started to adjust. A strange new shape in the room was fidgeting in the corner. After a few more seconds I could make out the exact details of this new entity, but I literally could not believe my eyes. It was some kind of creature, I was sure of that. But it was like no creature I had ever seen. Even stranger yet, I could FEEL this creature more clearly than I could see it. It was like it was a part of me... Like I could feel everything about it, yet I couldn't fathom what it possibly could be.

That was the beginning of my adventure with my newfound friend, and since then I've met many people who've shared a similar experience. We've learned and done some amazing things, but it seems there's still much, much more in store for us....