Apr 09

Chocolate Rabbits and Eggs!

  • Celebrating Easter, a new limited edition bonded creature, Chocolate Hoppity, is available for a short time!
  • A visual upgrade for Chocolate spells is in the works for ALL Chocolate-type creatures, along with a minor buff!
  • TieDye coated Eggsies have arrived and are spawning for a limited time!
  • Line, Sine, and Circle coated Eggsies are returning during a very brief window!
  • Surprise Eggs are dropping during the celebration!


Chocolate Hoppities

Limited Edition Chocolate Hoppities are available now, just in time for the loveliest day of the year! Experts in confections and all things sweet, these creatures harness the power of everyone’s’ favorite treat to defend themselves, buff their teammates, and create a generally sticky situation for their opponents. ALL Chocolate type creatures will receive a visual spell overhaul which cleans up and adds extra flair to our sweet, gooey companions over the course of the week long celebration, along with a minor buff.

Each creature has a +5 for each natural stat, and all are level 1. They have a special Chocolate Soul complete with unique spells not found on any other element. The vendor is in front of the main store and will only be available from April 9th through April 16th. They are priced at L$2,000.

TieDye Eggsies

Some psychedelic new friends have joined the fray. TieDye coated Eggsies (pictured above) are scrambling to our world from the Krafties Kingdom looking to join in on the fun. The Eggsie hunt is on! These new, colorfully coated creatures are hard to miss, but it’s best to keep your eyes peeled throughout the week long celebration due to the rarity of their encounters.

Other Notable Events

Some old favorites are returning this year!

Surprise Eggs: Wild krafties seem to be carrying… Surprise Eggs? These fragile, magical objects give a special random gift when cracked open! They’re only dropping for a limited time though, so players may want to start collecting them while they’re here. Surprise Eggs will only be around for a week, so get crackin’!

Sine, Line, and Circle: This year Circle, Sine, and Line coats have been spotted spawning from temples. Join in on the Eggsie hunt to complete your collection before they return back to the Krafties Kingdom.

Have fun!

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