May 06

Cinco De Mayo Flash Fiesta Weekend!

  • A new limited edition creature has arrived! Pinata Tricornixx creatures are available for a short time through a Dutch Auction system on Krafties Island!
  • Flash Fiesta! Flash Events are firing 24/7 throughout the fiesta weekend!
  • A random gift giving Sugar Skull is on Krafties Island for the duration of the celebration, giving out sweet items like gold memberships, scrolls, coupons, and more!
  • Even more fun will be revealed during the event… Stay tuned!

It’s time to party!

Pinata Tricornixx

Limited Edition Pinata Tricornixx creatures are available now! Krafties will only be releasing 200 of these cute new party animals. Ever.

Pinata types have a few quirky characteristics that make them unique fighters. Where other creatures avoid damage at all costs and seek healing when injured, Pinatas dive head first into the fray and appear to shy away from any first aid. What secrets might be found tied to this strange indulgence in danger?

Each creature has a +5 for each natural stat, and all are level 1. They have a special Pinata Soul complete with unique spells not found on any other type, and all have matching affinity bodies. The vendor is on Krafties Island, and is set to stop dispensing after 200 have been sold. Bids for creatures are handled with a Dutch Auction system, with prices ranging from L$2,000 – L$5,000.

Pinatas contain a special “Guilty Pleasure” trait which buffs the creature’s mental abilities when damage is taken, but debuffs them when healed. Along with that, they possess a unique collection of spell mechanics which savvy handlers are able to leverage in tandem with their special traits.

Flash Fiesta

flash-event-icon__shopping-spreeTo aid the celebration we’re holding a Flash Fiesta Weekend! From now until the end of weekend there will be constant, random flash events happening. Even we can’t predict what the future holds, but there will ALWAYS be some sort of special boost or event going on that you can see by simply opening your app.

Gift Giving Sugar Skull

Screenshot_30A magical sugar skull has appeared which passes out fabulous gifts and prizes on Krafties island! You’ll find the skull near the landing point (on top of the fountain), and every 30 minutes it will distribute one gift to a random player who has clicked it in the past half hour. You must stay on the island to get your prize. The gifts include Gold Memberships, Scrolls, Manuscripts, Coupons, KraftieCoins, and more!

Enjoy the fiesta! Have fun!

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