Nov 26

HUD Update v4.05

KraftiesHUDv405BlogImageThere is a new HUD update available, which brings some very nice changes/additions. Krafties Necessity Pack v4.05 is available on the main sim, and will be auto delivered to players who wear an older version of the HUD. The new pack includes the v4.05 HUD update.

What new goodies does this update include? The main changes are: the removal of the icons on the HUD (which have been replaced with a single “Open App” button), the addition of “Single Window Mode”, a “Reset” button built into the HUD, and an “Official Products” section in the Shopping App. Let’s give a rundown of each of these new features.

The cartoony picture icons are gone from the HUD! Now when you want to open an app, simply click the “Open App” button, then in the resulting screen you’ll be able to choose exactly which app you’d like to load. Also keep in mind that from those apps you can directly switch to a new app using the “Change App” feature in the bottom-left corner of the window.

Along with the simplified app opening, we’ve also simplified the window interaction on the HUD. Now the HUD defaults to “Single Window” mode when it’s worn. This mode means that only one app window can be opened at a time, but after the first app is loaded, all other apps should load MUCH faster. We’re talking a VERY LOT faster! This should also simplify things for new players. However, we know some of you veterans like to have a bunch of things going on at once (not to mention you shop traders!), and so for you guys we’ve added a new button in the main menu. Click the Krafties logo on the HUD to access the menu, then click “Multi Window” to make the HUD behave in the old style, where multiple app windows will open on the screen at once. Please note that when “Multi Window” mode is enabled you will not get the benefit of the speedy loading times. And if something does go wrong, the new “Reset” feature in the main menu should help things!

ShoppingAppOfficialProductsBlogImageLast but not least, we have the “Official Products” section in the Shopping App. Here players can purchase Krafties Official items such as Energy, Memberships, Nets, Temples, Rocks, and more to come! This new feature allows players to get their goodies without having to make the long journey over to Krafties Island.

Hope you all enjoy the new changes, have fun!

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