Dec 20

Gingerbread Stufflie And Toys For Tots!


The next limited edition Kraftie has arrived! This year the sweetness continues with the Gingerbread Stufflie! This delectable teddy has been baked to perfection, with a heaping helping of love and a dash of fierceness.

Every Gingerbread Stufflie will have a +5 for each nat stat, and all will be level 1. They have a special, unique Gingerbread Soul complete with unique spells not found on any other type, and all have matching affinity bodies. The vendor is available in front of the main store, and will only be available for one week from December 19th until December 26th. They are priced at L$2,000, and half of all purchases will be donated to Toys For Tots!

Thank you all for supporting Krafties, have fun!

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