Jun 04

Coats, Codices, Manuscripts And More!

KraftiesCoatsBlogImageCreatures with exotic coats have been reported over the past week, with new variations appearing all the while! These coats offer an exciting new look to the species you already know and love. After capturing these newcomers, their markings stay put throughout the elemental soul bonding process, taking on differing color combinations and patterns depending on the element/coat combination. Time to find your favorite! New coats will be added as frequently as they can be made, but more on that later! Onto the next exciting addition…

Scrolls can now be crafted into manuscripts and codices! Due to the inundation of requests  we’ve received that we minimize the amount of clicking you guys have to do when using scrolls, these new items have been born. Crafting together ten scrolls of any type will result in one manuscript of that type, and in turn crafting together ten of those manuscripts results in one codex. Not only do these new items give massive crafting experience when created, crafting scrolls together in this way results in a net boost to the amount of mental experience doled out as well! You will, however, have to have a creature with crafting level 10 to create manuscripts, and a crafting level of 25 to create codices.

We’re incredibly happy with these new milestones, and we hope you are too! Coats in particular are a HUGE undertaking, which is one reason we’ve waited this long to bring them to you guys. Even with some workflow changes and new custom tools created to help in making the textures, we’re still dealing with (on average) seven textures that have to be made per species, per element, per coat. As we add more elements, species, and coats you can see how this is going to grow, and exponentially at that! We’re currently looking at almost 4,000 textures that make up our lovable Krafties, and that number is going to go up quickly. Sound daunting? We’re definitely up to the challenge, but we need your help to do it! An app is currently being developed that will allow our player base to submit, vet, and fund new coat ideas. This will not only give you guys the ability to directly influence the game, but also allow us to pump out new content for you guys faster than ever. Be on the lookout!

So get out there and catch, craft, and battle! And most importantly, have fun!

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