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File:Wild Rexie Striated.png|[[Wild]] Striated [[Rexie]]
File:Wild Rexie Striated.png|[[Wild]] Striated [[Rexie]]
File:Water Rexie Striated.png|[[Water]] Striated [[Rexie]]
File:Water Rexie Striated.png|[[Water]] Striated [[Rexie]]
File:Wild Pandaire Piebald.png|[[Wild]] Piebald [[Pandaire]]

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Creatures with exotic coats have been reported over the past week, with new variations appearing all the while! These coats offer an exciting new look to the species you already know and love. After capturing these newcomers, their markings stay put throughout the elemental soul bonding process, taking on differing color combinations and patterns depending on the element/coat combination. Time to find your favorite! New coats will be added as frequently as they can be made, but more on that later! Onto the next exciting addition…


Elemental Coats

When you bond a soul to a captured Krafties Creature, then it will normally change coat color based on the element (seen on each of the element and species pages). The only exception to this rule are the exotic coats. Colors can vary depending on species but generally each element has a specific color theme.

The main exceptions to these coloration patterns is when their wild elemental color is very similar to a specific elemental coloration.

Element Coloration
Fire Red
Wind White or Blue with purple highlights
Earth Brown
Water Blue
Plant Green
Steam Gray
Sand Yellow with green highlights
Lightning Neon blue with purple or darkblue highlights
Ice Light blue with white highlights
Volcanic Rusty red
Mind Purple
Affection Pink
Vampire White with red highlights
Nuclear Neon green and glowing
Rainbow Rainbow
Light Yellow and glowing
Dark Black with red highlights
Limited edition elements
Element Coloration

Exotic Coats

example of exotic coats

When you catch a wild creature that has a unique coat different from their normal wild colors, it will keep that unique patterns after bonding.

List of exotic coats

list of known exotic coats
Species Exotic coats
Munkle Leopard
Tricornixx Tobiano, Bay, Roan
Lupix Bandit
Felion Siamese
Rexie Striated
Pandaire Piebald

Exotic Coat Gallery

Pictures of wild/bonded krafties with exotic coats.

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