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Daily Gift Chest
Energy Fountain

In the Krafties realm, everything revolves around Energy. It is used when Crafting and Enchanting.

  • Energy is available every day as a daily gift and is also purchasable from the Energy Fountain in the Krafties Store on Krafties Island as well as in the Hud via the Shopping App - Official Products. Purchased energy is transferable and available to resell.
  • At this time- Energy is not available for purchase on the Markeplace. It will be made available in the near furture.
  • Your Krafties HUD can contain unlimited amount of Energy


Types of Energy

There is no difference in the energy when it comes to using it, except for ability to transfer between players.

  • Within the HUD Inventory you can see the amount of Energy you have in this format: Total Energy (Transferable + Free)
Energy Type Transferable? Description
Energy (Normal) Yes
Normal energy is transferable. It may be transferred into Energy capsules to give to other players.
Ways to get Normal energy
  • Purchased Energy in any amount from the Energy Fountain as well as via the Shopping App in the Hud.
  • Energy won from the paid Krafties Spinners
  • Daily Energy Stipend from Gold Membership (50% transferable, 50% non-transferable)
Energy (Free) No
Free energy can not be transferred between players, and cannot therefor be added to Energy Capsules. Other than this, Free Energy is the same as Normal Energy when it comes to crafting.
Ways to get Free energy

Collecting Energy

All Energy you collect will automatically go into your Krafties HUD
  • Energy is secure within your HUD and cannot be lost
  • Energy Capsules can be optional storage, but they are only meant for when you transfer energy to other people. Please keep energy within the HUD otherwise.
Both have unlimited storage capacity
Ways to gather Energy
  1. Through the Daily Gift Chest (Free Energy)
  2. With the Spinners in front of Krafties Store (Always a chance of winning Membership through the Free Spinner)
  3. With "Daily Energy Stipend" from Gold Membership (50% Free Energy, 50% Trans-Energy)
  4. 1E per Crafting assist (Free Energy)
  5. Buying it from the Energy Fountain (Trans-Energy)

Energy Fountain

The Energy Fountain is located within the Krafties Store
  • All Energy purchased through the fountain is Transferable Energy
  • You pay what you want, it will turn it into energy which goes straight into your Krafties HUD
How to buy Energy
  1. Right-Click the Energy Fountain
  2. Click "Pay"
  3. Type in the amount you wish to pay, or select a preset amount
  4. The Energy will automatically appear in your HUD Inventory

Transferring Energy (Energy Capsules)

Energy Capsule and it's Dialog Menu (touch to open)

You can only transfer normal type of energy which is usually bought for $Lindens.

  • You can see how much Transferable Energy you have by looking at your Inventory App:
    Total Energy (Transferable + Free)
  • You can easily identify what capsules have energy within them from your inventory, the energy amount will appear in the item name.

The Capsules

Energy Capsules are specially designed capacitors used to store Kraftie Energy. Each handler is given one as part of their starter pack, but they can also purchase extras. Each energy capsule can store an infinite amount of energy.
  • They have Unlimited storage, meant for transferring energy between players
  • Capsules need to be manually filled from the HUD
    1. Rez the Energy Capsule
    2. Touch the capsule to open Dialog Menu
    3. Choose either "Insert" (putting Energy into capsule) or "Extract" (putting energy into HUD)
    4. Select the amount you want to transfer
    5. Then give the capsule to whoever you wanted to transfer energy to

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