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When you playing Krafties you will have a Krafties Pet, it will be your companion on your Krafties adventure!

  • You can own as many Krafties pets as you want, but you can only have one active pet at a time which can engage in many activities.
  • The Elevation setting is located on the Pet Menu, to fix when your pet is positioned too low or too high

Active Pet

You can only have one pet active at a time but you can change which one of your pets is active by activating them in your Home App. Only your active pet will gain experience and do battles.

Training your pet

Your pet gains experience when it engages in Combat or takes part in a Crafting, you can even exercise it's mind with Scrolls.

More information: Experience, Skills & Levels

Using the Pet Menu

Everything about your pet's condition can be accessed through the Pet Menu which appears when you touch your pet. Please familiarize yourself with it's options, you will use them alot

  • You can disable the "Spell Alerts", they tell you all the details in battle. (Settings > Spell Alerts)
  • Adjusting your pet's height location, you need to select "Elevation" before editing
More information: Pet Menu

How to obtain Krafties Pets

You may have a unlmited number of pets, but only one can be your Active Pet at a time.

Starter Pet (when joining)

Starter Pet is sent to you when you Join Krafties, and it will be your first companion in Krafties.

  • It will send you the Krafties Starter Pack when it awakens to it's element (when you rez it the first time).
  • Starter Pet's always begin with all stats at level 1, and once the new player has reached Overall Level 4 on their Starter Pet, the person who invited them will get a Energy reward.
  • Playing with the starter pet is always the best way to learn how the game works, before thinking about getting higher skilled pets.

Create a pet (bonding)

The bonding process refers to the act of attaching a soul to a Unbonded Krafties Creature

To create a new Krafties Pet, you need:
  1. Unbonded (a captured wild)
  2. Soul (which can be crafted)
  3. Then Bond them together in your Home App.

From other players

You can sell/trade/buy everything you need from other players to have or create a Krafties Pet.

You can trade directly with the other player, or find their items in the Shopping App.

From Krafties Store (Limited Edition)

Once in a while there will be a Limited Edition Krafties pet sold at the Krafties main sim for a limited duration.

Customizing your pet


Attachments are accessories/clothes that you can put on your pet
  • Attachments available in the After Market, each is tailor-made to fit certain species.
  • The attachments will fit even if your pet is larger/smaller than normal
See Attachments for more information

Color of Pet

The Element of the pet's Soul will decide it's colors. First pet is usually random basic element

Eye Color

The Eye Color of Krafties Creatures are randomly chosen, except for the Vampires.
  • With Enchanted Eyestones you can choose the color of their eyes, but you wont be able to return a vampire pet's original eye color back.
See Eyestones for more information

Size of Creature

The size can be altered by feeding the pet some Shrooms
  • There are two types of shrooms: Growth Shrooms and Shrink Shrooms
See Shrooms for more information

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