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Rexie wild.png
Rarity Common
Obtained Capture Wild ~50% HP
Natural Skills
Attack low
Strenght high
Defense low
Hitpoints N/A
Crafting N/A
Inteligence N/A
Focus N/A
Fortitude N/A

Whether tame or not, if you're not familiar with the creature it's best to approach with caution. Infant Rexies are often given to children at a young age in order to facilitate an unbreakable affinity between the two.

Exploration Notes

  • The Aviaa and the Rexie were the first Krafties Creatures we encountered from that mysterious world beyond the Home Temples.
  • Loyal to the end, Rexies are a handlers best friend through thick and thin. They respond well to human interaction and are extremely reliable in battle, specializing in the strength skill.
  • Though caring and affectionate beyond measure, a Rexie can become hostile in an instant if it feels it or those it cares for are threatened in any way.

Elemental Affinity


This creature varies in appearance depending on the Element of soul bonded.

Base Elements

Hybird Elements

Special Elements

See Also


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