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Krafties are the creatures which the game centers around. The Home App allows you to manage your creatures

Bonded or Unbonded?

The Home App where you manage your creatures

Unbonded Creatures

When you capture a Wild Creature with a Net, you will end up with a Unbonded creature
  • The Natural Skills will boost your pet's abilities, much like a permanent Buff
  • Unbonded creatures can be discovered having Elemental Affinity
  • The creature appears asleep because it lacks a soul in this stage.
View Capturing Wilds for more information

Bonded Creatures

When you combine Unbonded Creatures with a Soul, you will get a Bonded Creature which can be your companion and pet.
View Bonding a Soul for more information

Species of Krafties

There are many species of Krafties and some are more often seen than others. Here they have been grouped together by rarity
New species are being discovered as they make their way through certain temples which act as a door between worlds, because they are actually beings from another universe. They can most likely sense our presence, since they tend to go back to their home universe when nobody is around, disappearing from our sight.
Rarity ratings
  • Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare: Just a rough rating of how likely they are to appear compared to other species
  • Limited: Only appear on special events (such as holidays)
List of Species (sortable list)
Species Obtainable Rarity First discovered Image
Aviaa Capture Wild Common Jul 20, 2012 Aviaa wild.png
Rexie Capture Wild Common Jul 20, 2012 Rexie wild.png
Beetlie Capture Wild Common Sep 13, 2013 Beetlie.png
Hopster Capture Wild Uncommon Sep 19, 2013 Hopster wild.png
Lunaris Capture Wild Uncommon Oct 19, 2012 Lunaris wild.png
Felion Capture Wild Rare Jan 23, 2013 Wild Felion.png
Lupix Capture Wild Rare Oct 7, 2013 Lupix.png
Penglin Capture Wild Rare Dec 26, 2013 Penglin wild.png
Pandaire Capture Wild Rare Jul 20, 2013 Pandaire wild.png
Tortixx Capture Wild Rare Dec 17, 2014 Tortixx wild.png
Giruffkin Capture Wild Rare April 23, 2015 Giruffkin wild.png
Fuffit Capture Wild Rare June 19, 2015 Fuffit wild.png
Spyrron Capture Wild Very Rare Jul 20, 2013 Spyrron wild.png
Racsune Capture Wild Very Rare Nov 27, 2015 Racsune wild.png
Stufflie Capture Wild Rare Dec 12, 2015 Stufflie wild.png
Koalie Capture Wild Uncommon Sep 16, 2016 Koalie wild.png
Munkle Capture Wild Very Rare Dec 10, 2016 Munkle wild.png
Tricornixx Capture Wild Very Rare May 20, 2017 Tricornixx wild.png

Enchanted and Limited

Species that are either unobtainable outside of limited timeframes, or cannot be captured wild (need to be enchanted/created).

List of Species (sortable list)
Species Obtainable Rarity First discovered Image
Eggsie Capture Wild Limited (Easter) Mar 30, 2013 Eggsie.jpg
Pumpkie Capture Wild Limited (Halloween) Oct 5, 2013 Pumpkie Snapshot.png
Tusker Enchanted Pieces found as loot/when mininig Jul 20, 2013 Tusker body.jpg
Eletrixx Enchanted Pieces found as loot Jan 3, 2015 Eletrixx fire.png
Blizzkin Enchanted
Capture Wild
Limited (Christmas) Nov 14, 2015 Blizzkin.JPG
Dragoonix (greater) Capture Wild Summoned Jan 23, 2016 Dragoonix wild.png


These creatures cannot become pets because either they cannot be captured or they transform into something else upon capture.

List of Species (sortable list)
Species Obtainable Rarity First discovered Image
Shadow Creature a clone of your active pet to fight for experience Summoned Jan 23, 2016 ShadowAviaa.jpg
Dragoonix (lesser) become fragments when captured Uncommon Jan 23, 2016 Dragoonix wild.png

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