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A Kraftie Temple.


It is important to keep your Temples safe, you only get one "FREE" set to start with (which is all you need usually).

  • The Home/Giant/Crafting temples have a unique ID each (which you should write down just in case you would loose them to SL glitches).
    View Finding the ID for more information and how to

Krafties Temples

Crafting Temple

Crafting temples are another useful tool for a Kraftie trainer. Creatures are able to link themselves to these mystical temples to construct items for boosting your creature's powers or even to construct new souls to bond with captured wild creatures. Crafting temples are also useful in building a Kraftie creature's crafting level, as well as nine other trainers who link their creature to the temple and gain experience as well.

Battle Temple

Battle temples are used for pitting a trainer's creature against another trainer, even so much as to battle up to a 10v10 battle. This is to encourage the creation of Kraftie clans to build, training their creatures to battle rival clans for bragging rights and personal glory.

Home Temple

One of the most useful temples is the home temple. This is great for individual trainers to privately train their Krafties in the comfort of their own home sim. It's also useful to show others what Krafties are like by demonstrating how the game works. Groups and clans can combine their home temples together to create mass farms for capturing wild creatures, gathering crafting components or just grinding experience.
  • Each temple spawns 2 random wild creatures which can be captured or defeated by trainers.

Giant Temple

Giant Temples function the same as normal Home Temples
  • Normal Home Temples can be enchanted to become Giant Temples
  • These Temples will rez Giants ONLY and just 1 at a time, but with their size and power would you WANT more than one at a time?
  • It should be noted that Giants are NOT catchable.

Krafties [FREE] Temples

These are no-transfer versions of the normal temples, which are found in the Starter Kit.

Be careful not to loose these items. These items are no-copy and no-transfer.

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