A fresh spin on your favorite pet MMO - our biggest update EVER!

Krafties V5 is here, with a HUGE suite of exciting new content and features!

  • A brand new streamlined app system!
  • State of the art AI powered quests tied to exclusive new content!
  • New high-level spell systems, fully integrated into an exciting overarching storyline ready to be explored!
  • Synthesize multiple creatures into more powerful pets!
  • Hatchable Eggs - Add new creatures to your collection in a fun new way!
  • Creatures are digging through dimensions and uncovering rare loot - and, secrets?!
  • Creature Compendiums - Track your progress and collections in a new and improved way!
  • Spinner Revamp - Better odds and better goodies!
  • Old content has been locked away in the vault!
  • New items in the shop!

For a limited time...

Journey to Frogtopia for exclusive content!

Send your creatures on quests to the land of Frogtopia for a limited time! Your creatures will interact with the inhabitants, helping them with various tasks, and bring you back exciting rewards from their adventures!


Embark on Epic Quests Powered by Cutting-Edge AI!

Unleash the power of AI in your favorite pet-based MMO

Discover a whole new level of adventure with Krafties’ revolutionary AI-powered quest system. Our state-of-the-art technology brings your virtual pets to life as they embark on thrilling quests filled with challenges and rewards.

Every quest begins with a captivating story and a task to be completed. Your pets will be evaluated by our advanced AI gamemaster, ensuring each quest is 100% unique and engaging. Whether your pet is soaring through the skies or delving into mysterious dungeons, the possibilities are endless!

Utilize your entire creature collection to dominate the world of Krafties!

The Power of the Elemental Sanctum!

New content for high-level players, leading into exciting team play opportunities

A new area based ability has been granted for all level 30 creatures! Create Sanctums to boost your creature’s power levels while playing, along with ALL elemental creatures of the same type battling in your Sanctum! 

But that’s not all! Elemental sanctums attract elementally attuned wild creatures, along with… other things… 

What might be coming?

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New Apps and Internal System Upgrades = More Fun!

Experience a whole new level of convenience and excitement with our revamped app system! We’ve consolidated everything into a single, user-friendly interface.

Our new app system is cleaner, more convenient, and makes it easy for new players to explore the full feature-set of Krafties. With Krafties now using modern web technologies, developing new features is faster, cleaner, and more reliable. Say goodbye to clunky interfaces and enjoy a more immersive experience!

Other notable changes and introductions tied to Krafties v5 include:

  • Streamlined alchemy directly from your inventory
  • Creature grades allow you to judge the value of unbondeds with a glance
  • Convenient chat commands unlock new possibilities
  • Crafting cooldowns have been completely removed!
  • Stability, speed, and resource usage has been dramatically improved
  • Preparing for the future with secret new functions – stay tuned!

A Brand New Hatchable Egg Mechanic!

Grow your collection in a fun new way

Collect new Hatchable Egg items, equip them to your creatures, and hatch brand new krafties! Collect new species and coats, and add to your unbonded collection to synthesize into more powerful companions!


New Synthesis Mechanics!

Create more powerful pets by synthesizing unbonded creatures

Synthesize unbonded creatures together to create more powerful pets! Unlock a new world of possibilities… We’re turning weak unbonded creatures into valuable assets, opening up new strategic opportunities in the world of Krafties! 

When synthesizing 10 unbonded creatures of the same species and coat, players will now receive a single creature with better stats! The resulting creature is based on the highest value synthesized creature, with added stats and rarity based around the value of nine other synthesized creatures.

Digging Through Dimensions!

Uncover rare loot and secrets through dimensional exploration

All creatures have acquired a strange new ability to dig through the fabric of reality. Join the race to explore weakened areas and discover new items, quests, and hidden secrets!

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Spinning Up Good Times!

Enjoy a revamped spinner with better odds and exciting rewards!

Experience improved odds and the ability to spin using Energy and Coins. Plus, every player gets a free spin every day! Spin your way to amazing rewards in the world of Krafties.

A Brand New Creature Compendium!

Track your creature collections and achievements like never before with the all-new Creature Compendium

We’ve reimagined the way you engage with your creatures and celebrate your milestones in Krafties. Collect, track, and revel in your progress like never before! The Creature Compendium is being set up to change how players interact, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the captivating world of Krafties. Embrace the power of knowledge and become a true connoisseur of the magical creatures that roam these realms!

AI Everywhere

Think this new addition is awesome?! There’s more where that came from! AI has completely revolutionized the development of Krafties, AND added an infinite wealth of new content possibilities for our players. Stay tuned for more exciting additions leveraging this groundbreaking new tech.


Vaulted Content!

From the release of Krafties v5 and onward, ascended creatures will no longer change form! Instead, all creatures will gain new aura effects based on their ascension type. Additionally, Eletrixx, Giruffkin, and Koalies have been removed from the creature roster and moved into the Krafties Vault.

Note: Existing ascended creatures, along with existing creatures who’s species have been vaulted, are unaffected! Your existing creatures are unchanged.

More Coming Soon!

At Krafties we’re committed to continuously enhancing your gaming experience. We’re working tirelessly to bring you even more thrilling content and exciting features. Stay tuned for upcoming updates that will take your adventures to new heights!