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Welcome to the multilingual krafties wiki project. This shall be a place where users can link to their translations, and together help to improve them.

  • Please view our Editor Help to get started editing wiki
  • Create and use your Userpage to practice editing the wiki
  • You can create subpages on your userpage to keep things organized, it is just name of your userpage and then User:Name/subpageName
    • As an example, this link will ask you to create a subpage to your userpage named "sandbox": Userpage
    • The handy thing about subpages is that they always have a link to the original page under the title.

Keep in mind[edit]

Our plan to make the Krafties wiki multilingual uses the Translate Extension, which will keep track of what languages each page has been translated into, how much has been translated, and if any parts are outdated compared to the original (english) version. But that requires the wiki base installation to be updated.

Wiki pages that would be good to start translating[edit]