Dec 10

Munkles, And A Super Flash Event Weekend!

MunkleBlogImageThe next species, submitted and voted on by players like you, has arrived. Adorable monkey like creatures have entered our world! Strong and very intelligent, Munkles haveĀ been known to craft and use primitive tools to aid them in everyday tasks. They form strong bonds with others of their species and gather together in groups in the wild, but when bonded to a handler this loyalty passes on to their human counterpartĀ tenfold!

In order to see the Munkles spawning, either re-rez your home temples or wait 24 hours.

Munkles are here to stay, and other newcomers just may be joining them very soon. We at Krafties hope you enjoy the new creatures and features, and to celebrate we’re holding a Super Flash Event Weekend! From now until the end of weekend there will be constant, random flash events happening. Even we can’t predict what the future holds, but there will ALWAYS be some sort of special boost or event going on that you can see by simply opening one of the apps on the HUD.

Thank you for enjoying Krafties, and have fun!

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