Apr 16

Surprise Eggs And Limited Edition Easter Fooflies!

Surprise Eggs!

Wild krafties seem to be carrying… Surprise Eggs? These fragile, magical objects give a special random gift when cracked open! They’re only dropping for a limited time though, so players may want to start collecting them while they’re here. Surprise Eggs will only be around for a week, so get crackin’!

And in other news… the next limited edition Kraftie is here! 


These adorable bunnies use vibrantly colored eggs and other fun treats to deal heavy damage, and take down even the toughest enemies! They’re only available for a limited time though, so get them while they’re here!

Each Fooflie will have a +5 for each natural stat, and all will be level 1. They have a special Easter Soul complete with unique spells not found on any other type, and all have matching affinity bodies. The vendor is in front of the main store, and will only be available from April 15th until April 22nd. They are priced at L$2,000.

Thank you all for supporting Krafties, have fun!

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