Apr 23

Necessity Pack v4.1 Is Now Available!

There’s a brand new necessity pack release, and it brings some very exciting new features to Krafties!

First, the new HUD will now display when there’s a flash event going on without needing to open an app. Whenever a flash event is happening, your HUD will display a lightning bolt over the Krafties logo. Hopefully this change makes your lives a little easier!

Now, onto the main events! (Please note that these next features are currently in ALPHA, so players may experience a few minor bugs)

CharacterPlayerProfileBlogPicKrafties characters! In your player profile, you’ll now see your player contact card. Currently¬†this consists of your username and a “selfie” of your Krafties character. What is this character business, you ask? Click the square on the left hand side of your card and you’ll see! This opens up the character creation tools, where you can create a representation of yourself out of a myriad of different body part/accessory styles and colors. We suggest using either the “Random Male” or “Random Female” option until you get something close to what you’re wanting, then customizing from there!


And now, the second spectacular addition: Krafties friends!¬†In the home app you’ll notice a brand new section. Clicking the Friends button will open up a window where you are able to send out friendship invitations, check to see if you’ve received any invitations, view a list of your current friends (where you can view their characters, their profiles, send them private messages, or remove them), and see a list of all your friends’ recent activities in Krafties! Your friends list will also show up when you go to transfer Bondeds, Unbondeds, Souls or Items from your HUD, so you can quickly choose someone from your friends list instead of typing their full name.


We’re extremely excited about these new additions because they represent a huge step for Krafties as a game. Expect to see lots more things to do with both your characters and your friends in the near future!

As a final note, today is the last day to purchase the limited edition Easter Fooflie available on the main sim so get them while they’re here!

Thank you all for supporting Krafties. Have fun!

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