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Krafties is a game located within SecondLife, so understandably all of its community is located there within.

Working on improving the community portal to become a HUB for contributors.

Things to do[edit]

You can always check out the SpecialPages where the wiki has a basic maintenance section at the top.

  • Link goes to the template to use for reference
  • Description of course tells you what the task is
  • Namespace is what area on the wiki needs to be worked on, such as main , Templates:, Category:, Help: and so on.
Template convertions (copy pasta info basically) needed to be done
link Task description namespace effected
UnlockSpells Need to convert all places that use the old templates.

Please view MentalSpells/CombatSpells/HealingSpells to see what pages still use the old template and transition them over to the new UnlockSpells template. Old templates still function so this update isn't breaking anything at the moment.

Documentation I improved the way we do documentation (template explanation) and will need some assistance to move information over to their approrite place. This clears up clutter from the template pages themselves. View Template Explanation and TemplateExplanation to see what pages still need transitioning. Basically cut and paste some content, just be careful of either being outside of <onlyinclude> tags OR inside <noinclude> so the documentation doesn't appear on pages that use the templates. (If you are unsure, then either leave it alone or slap a noinclude around the {{Documentation}} tag ) Templates
Update There is some outdated info hiding around the wiki. If you find it then please insert the {{Update}} on the page effected so we can do something about it ASAP. This will make it stand out so we will know where to look for it. everywhere really
Oops, I broke the navigation tables :V but no worries because that can be fixed easily. The old template layout was moved to Navbox/old so all you have to do is add /old to the {{Navbox}} to make it {{Navbox/old}}. That will get them working again until all navigaton tables have been converted. If you have the time to convert them then feel free to do it, just remember to use "SHOW PREVIEW" to see what you changed before saving Templates

Userpages and Subpages[edit]

Creating your userpage (click your username) is a good practice for how to create pages and edit, consider it your private sandbox. You can even create subpages there.

  • You could prepare content on your own userpage, test out templates and many other things.

Krafties Support[edit]

  • The Krafties Moderators are volunteers who's purpose is to assist players with their game-related troubles.
  • Use the support tickets to explain your technical problems and get assistance
  • Other players can help answer general game questions, simply ask in the Krafties groups

Krafties Groups[edit]

The Krafties community has a lot of groups within SL for people to talk about the game, some of them are Official groups managed by the Moderators, while many are run by other players.
  • Many of the multilingual players have formed groups of their own to assist better on their local languages, try searching them out
  • Each group has it's own rules

Krafties Wiki[edit]

Our wiki is a central place for game information, currently only in English
  • Help center for contributors, check it out if you are a part of the team

Multilingual Wiki[edit]

Currently our wiki has not been set up to be multilingual, but it is on the todo list. We are also looking for people that wish to be Moderators and can be part of our multilingual Moderator team to better support players that do not understand english.

Notes to Contributors[edit]

  • Please do not hesitate with adding content, it is a team effort to keep this wiki going. There are guides to assist you
  • If you have pictures to upload for the creatures/elements gallery, then its easiest if the filename matches (it is case sensitive) Species element.png
    • If your file has different name or file extension then you need to manually add it (there are guides on each template on how to use it)
  • If your links within the wiki appear red (meaning page doesn't exist) then either it is being case-sensitive, or a redirect needs to be created
    • It is simple to make redirects, use the following code in the first line: #REDIRECT [[link]] (the link should be the current location of the page)