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This page shall be a central place to keep on top of what is current. Such as new changes, updates, features and other things. Where volunteers and players alike can stay updated.

Krafties News[edit]

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Ambox current red.png WHAAAAT?!?! YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED KRAFTIES SINCE NOV. 21 2014?

Players who have not played Krafties since November 21st of 2014, or have not kept up with the most recent updates will need to update their Krafties items . Please view Updating pre v4.0 Krafties for more information.

Currently going[edit]

The Krafties Wiki[edit]

Join Krafties Wiki!
As some of you might know, Krafties Wiki has been opened for account registration! That means you can join the fun and help us maintain the wiki. You do not need to be part of Moderator team to share your love for the game by contributing to our wiki.
Parser Functions and Subpages
As of May 2017 the wiki has Parser Functions and Subpages enabled on all namespaces which will allow us to do great many fancy things with this wiki.
Template Documentation
With the parser functions and subpages enabled, the template organizing has gotten a uplift. With inspiration from how things are handled on MediaWiki and Wikipedia the Krafties wiki is getting a overhaul in the template department to improve how we handle things. All documentation will have it's own subpage that the {{Documentation}} template will pull over and display without taking space on the actual template you want to use. This also allows us to protect sensitive templates from being edited but still allow normal users to edit the documentation of it.
Editorial Help Pages
The help section is meant to help contributors find what they need so they work on the Krafties wiki easily. There is currently work being done to improve the help section.
Message Boxes/Notices
There are new templates being made, based on the Ambox to handle maintenance issues on the wiki and bring them to our attention by auto categorizing by inserting the appropriate template onto the pages.
Multilingual Wiki!
We do have plans for making the Krafties Wiki multilingual at some point with the help of the Translate Extension, hopefully soon enough. This does mean that wiki needs a core update. But first things first: English version of the wiki needs to be in good shape because all translations will be modeled after it. It is time for some extra eyes and hands to prep the content by improving it where possible. Don't be shy!